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  1. Soundscan and BDS are just a couple of new technological tools of capitalism that has always been and will always be a harsh system for all but a very few artists.

    Let's face it: artists have always had to please someone in order to succeed financially, whether the pleasing is political, social or economical. U2 and Dylan have managed to stay relevant over a long period of time. JCM, maybe not so much. I do love his music though.

  2. Actually when Mellencamp came here a couple years back I went down to the show. There was no political babble, in fact, the only bantor I recall was a couple funny stories about his band mates, a self-effacing comment on his guitar skills and a couple other tidbits about the band/bandmates. The guy seems very down to earth, humble, completely relaxed and at ease in front of a few thousand people, amazing.

    His vocal range isn't what it used to be and he was dressed like a gas station attendant but all in all, he put on a great show and left the political drivel out of it.

    What is a gas station attendant? :D

  3. That's awesome, I know a lot of guys who use and love modelling /multi-fx boards. My problem with the PodXT and similar boards is two-fold (both are
    personal preference so it this is
    a cut at them or those who use them)

    1. I love the sound of my amp's crunch and distortion (Marshall JVM205) and as such don't want amp modelling at all.

    2. While I of course front end my amp with my wah, tuner and OD (for solo boost only btw), I like modulation, delay and noise suppression through the fx loop - I do not like the sound I get when having those effects in the front end. (again, just a personal preference).

    I am looking into the Digitech RP1000 to see what it's sound quality is like as I see you can front end the wah/tuner/OD/distortion while putting the time based effects through you fx loop - and you can completely bypass the internal amp modelling/preamps - so feature-wise it looks like it might be for me. (The TC Electronic G-System or a midi/rackmount setup is WAYYYYY too expensive to me)

    Thing is though,, I do just happen to love my sound as it is now so I don't know lol

    You are not required to use the modelling on the PODXt/XTLive you know.

    They also make an effects only board with presets. It is the preset capability that is the real winner here. I set each bank to one song, each song has 4 presets. This means I can have up to 4 settings per song. If that is not enough, I can use two or more banks for a song.

    No tap dancing required, just press 1 switch for the next setting.

  4. I once had a gig I couldn't make. My son was having a religious ceremony and I had neglected to take that into account when I accepted the gig (bass), which was a run of like 3 weeks. I gave as much notice as I could, I hired a bass player and rehearsed him on my own time. Made sure he was was up to speed and it went off fine.


    A responsible musician sees to it that the show goes on, if it is within his/her power. If I lived in Sugarland/Houston, I would offer my services as a sub.

  5. My new CD just went platinum!


    Tax problems: music income causing tax headaches.


    Guitar Hero V will teach real guitar licks.


    Strategies for avoiding the groupies.


    Tube amps all suck compared to modelers.


    Shredders sound so melodic.


    Musicians Friend voted number one in customer service.


    Ed Roman loves me. What do I do?


    Fender and Gibson: After the merger.


    Abba: The greatest band EVAR!


    All my $$ are belong to yoo.

  6. How many of you have actually ever successfully sued a venue after having a contract?

    That aside, for those who use contracts and have had a venue attempt to breach, what was the result?

    Just my opinion, but signed contracts will likely lead to fewer breaches than verbal ones.


    Also, a band getting a judgement against a bar will make the bar far more vulnerable than a band with a judgement against it, WRT assets. A club simply has a lot more to lose.

  7. My daughter has done some wonderful things with WMM. She put together a graduation dvd when my son graduated high school. When a friend died recently she scanned hundreds of photos and put together a tribute dvd set to music he loved.


    I haven't used it myself, so I don't know how much control it gives you (probably not much), but I've seen some moving results.

  8. On paper, the GB Shuttle looks terrific. But I will never again buy an amp just because it has a tube without first playing through it. I have a guitar tube amp that is just average and one that is truly amazing.


    Tube does not guarranty better sound than SS. Still the GBs get rave reviews around here, so it's worth looking at closely.


    You're not nuts unless you buy without playing through it first,.

  9. "Influences"?

    Who said anything about that?

    I'm saying it's not SAD when an old guy you don't know dies. It's just not.

    And I don't think you are sad about it.

    See, I will tell you how to feel!


    Maybe someday, if you reach your 14th birthday, you'll get a clue.


    Some of us do care. Those that don't believe we're are the center of the universe.


    My son knew who Freddie Hubbard was, ever since he was in the 4th grade. He is now a freshman in college studying jazz performance, largely because of the recordings artists like Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and many others.


    Just because you don't care or have a clue who he was, only proves you don't have a clue.

  10. An old guy died? Shocking!

    Please, enough with the crocodile tears.

    You didn't know him and this did not affect you in any way.

    I've had it with this sacharine BS every time some semi-famous stranger dies.


    I certainly don't expect Freddie Hubbard to be well known, even among career musicians. But you are truly an idiot if you presume know me or my music influences or anyone else's on this forum.

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