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  1. The timing on the announcement was good. Took every network off the Obama speech. If he woulda picked Mitt or somebody like Mitt the networks would have commented but not the massive coverage this will get all day.

    It's a brilliant move (timing wise) to steal the news cycle from the dems. This is the real reason why they are so angry and attacking her and McCain so strongly right now.

  2. Gotta dissagree here. I've had a set of these for about 15 years. Bought from a demonstrator at the LA County Fair way back then. They were not called "Sham-Wow", but they are the same thing. They work as advertised.

  3. I recently purchased a Line 6 Variax 600 and Pod X3 Live. Dig 'em. I went to L6.com and downloaded Workbench, Gearbox, Monkey, drivers and Java Runtime Environment. I burned all these to cd-r and loaded them into the computer into which I'm running my signals. This computer doesn't have an internet connection. The Gearbox loaded and pulls up just fine. However, when I try to access Workbench, (one of the main reasons I bought all this stuff in the first place) all I get is an annoying 'can't find valid Java' type of message. My question is; Do I have to have an internet connection for drivers/firmware to use Workbench?

    I'm using an hp media center pc with a pentium 4 running at about 2.5 Ghz and 2gb of ram.

    Make sure you are using the JRE version of 1.5. You can download it here:

    Workbench has a problem with the latest versions of the Java Runtime Environment.

  4. peavey valveking combo

    I have one of those too. I won't slag the vk. It's a great amp on a tight budget, but the OP has more money and wants a worthy amp.

    DRRI. Go play one for yourself and make up your own mind. A/B it against the peavey classic 30 and decide for yourself.

    As for me, my tone search has ended with the DRRI. YMMV.

  5. I recommend a peavey valveking 112. All tube, 50 watts, good cleans , decent distortion. It's a bit more money new, but used, well within your budget. I bought one for 250 on ebay in like new condition. Also in this range, peavey classic 30.

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