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  1. I recently purchased a Line 6 Variax 600 and Pod X3 Live. Dig 'em. I went to L6.com and downloaded Workbench, Gearbox, Monkey, drivers and Java Runtime Environment. I burned all these to cd-r and loaded them into the computer into which I'm running my signals. This computer doesn't have an internet connection. The Gearbox loaded and pulls up just fine. However, when I try to access Workbench, (one of the main reasons I bought all this stuff in the first place) all I get is an annoying 'can't find valid Java' type of message. My question is; Do I have to have an internet connection for drivers/firmware to use Workbench?

    I'm using an hp media center pc with a pentium 4 running at about 2.5 Ghz and 2gb of ram.

    Make sure you are using the JRE version of 1.5. You can download it here:

    Workbench has a problem with the latest versions of the Java Runtime Environment.

  2. I use variaxes live along with the POD XT Live.


    There are many nay-sayers about any type of gear you can name and Line 6 seems to have more than their share. My best advise is to make up your own mind.


    The Variax 700 does not feel like a cheap guitar. Play one and judge for yourself. The 300 can be compared to a cheap guitar, but then again, many artists do play cheap guitars. I've used a 300 live, but I've smoothed the fret ends and done a bit of setup. It has never failed me. It is now my backup to my 700.


    The only thing I will tell you is if you don't like spending any time tweaking to find your sound, perhaps modelling equipment is not for you.

  3. How long have you had it for ? They have it at the local store, it's not too bad for the price but I've had horror stories about it like the software being extremely unreliable and getting system errors and file not found errors rendering the unit completely useless over a matter of weeks.

    I assume most of these might have been problems caused by users that are not very knowledgeable but I'd have to see if those constant freezes and errors can be easily remedied through hardware resets or what not.

    Also the reason I need the amp is I have tried the versions at the local store. They are easy to use but just by themselves with the effects, they sound absolulely horrible and I'd really like to use it through an amp to keep the sound quality with my current gear set up.

    Let me know about it !

    I've had no issues with it period. For what it does I like it a lot.

    Of course there's things I would like to change such as more memory and it would be nice if it played well with iTunes, but that is not Tascam's fault. Overall, it's become indespensible for what I do.

    The other comon approach is to run stuff through a pod. I did this before the trainer and it worked fine.

  4. I think he just rubs people the wrong way with some of the comments he has made about his "role"" in music.


    My impression of him is that he's just a huge jerk. I watched as he inserted himself with some guitar legends at Crossroads a few years ago. Clapton was kinda shocked as he walked out on stage.

    Every interview I've seen, his website, everything just screams gigantic ego.

  5. They have a new mp3 version. It has a metronome and guitar effects built-in.

    It will slow things down and loop over any passage. The thing is, if you're going to use headphones, you don't need an amp.

    I have the bass version and it's great. I can practice anywhere and go mobile.

  6. I use a variax 300 with my XT Live. It works as you'd expect. I'm currently playing a musical and playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar and banjo (all variax of course), mandolin (using a real electric/acoustic mandolin through a separate amp) and bass (my fender highway 1 jazz connected to my XT Live and running the bass amp model pack).

    All of this works flawlessly. For this show, everything I need is loaded into two banks.

  7. I would find removable storage usefull. I often leave my XTL at the venue for weeks at a time. I could have another at home and tweak there. Then I could update the one at the venue before the gig if I wanted.

  8. Originally posted by CT6Mblack

    forgive me if this is a dumb question, but when is line 6 gonna make it so that the new amps with the 3.0 pack come up in the toneport editor? Before you answer I must say that the computer I used to update my POD is not the computer I use with toneport. The computer in my room doesn't have internet, otherwise I would've just updated it there. So is toneport updated with the POD update? or are they coming out with a new one later?

    I'm assuming you mean guitarport. I know they're working on it.

  9. I would say that barre chording is important to learn, but not essential -- depending on what your goals are and how dedicated you become. If you stick with guitar playing, you will eventually come back to barre chords, so don't let any frustration with them now hold you back.


    After you've been playing for a couple of years and you've mastered other areas, come back to learning barre chords.


    I once met a guitar player that was born without arms. Lots of people told him he could never play guitar without arms. He taught himself to play with his feet. He was inspiring to watch. Years later, he played for the Pope when he visited Los Angeles.


    Never let anyone tell you what you can't do. If you don't barre, then don't let it hold you back.

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