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  1. Originally posted by Jaymeister

    Ohhh...put in in a cardboard box with some string for handles and hope for the best in case you can't carry it on. Some airlines can accept special handling instructions for certain items, like oversize or fragile.


    Haha:D Baggage handlers laugh at fragile stickers, they'll toss it around, you're actually better of not putting one on at all. Trust me i know people that do that job.

  2. I do check in at an airport and there's no way that they'll allow you to take an amp as handluggage.


    I'd reccomend you pack it well (duh), ask the check-in agent to give you a tag so it can be taken down at the gate (with prams and stuff) it'll be taken by hand and won't be thrown around by oafish baghandlers.


    If you can't take your guitar onboard (some airlines do, some don't) do the same as above.


    And be nice to the person that checks you in, it goes a long way.:)

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