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  1. Ibanez Basses:

    GSR200 = $200

    SR300 = $300


    Only difference is SR300 has 2 extra frets (24 frets vs 22 frets) and the SR300 has 2 humbucking pickups (vs a P and J pickup).


    Do you think these differences are worth $100 extra?


    The extra frets would be nice!

    I'm not sure if the humbuckers would be much better than the P & J pickups?


    I play blues, classic rock, funk, folk, & reggae.


    Thanks for any input!

  2. I have a Spider Valve 112.


    I'm wondering what channel settings are ideal for getting a truer tube sound. I sit when I crank the channel volume so the preamp tubes distort?

    Or is it when I crank the master volume so the power tubes distort?


    Which would you recommend to make it sound like a real tube amp?


  3. I REALLY really want to get a Zoom R16 recorder. BUT, I have read that it needs a Mac with an Intel processor.


    I have a Mac G4 Powerbook with extra ram (2 gigs SDRAM) & 1.5GHz PPC processor. My powerbook was the latest model before they switched to the intel processor.


    Do you think it would work with my Mac? I mean how different can they be? Should I take the chance?


    Thanks for opinions.

  4. The specs say the Zoom R16 needs a Mac with an Intel Processor but I have a G4 Powerbook (with PowerPC Processor). My Powerbook is the latest model before Mac changed to using to Intel. And I have it souped up with a recent OS and extra RAM. How different can they be?

    Mine has:
    1.5GHz processor
    2 gigs of SDRAM

    Do you think I should take the chance and hope that it is smart enough to work with the R16.

    I really really really want to get an R16!!!!!!!

    thanks for opinions!

  5. For Sale:


    Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 Firewire Device


    $285 + shipping (from Vermont)


    Works perfect & looks perfect!


    Includes: Saffire, AC Adapter, Firewire Cable, CD of software


    (8 xlr inputs)

    Focusrite preamps are world famous!

    Phantom Power on all 8!

    Or plug in a 1/4 cable into the 8 inputs.

    8 outputs

    2 headphone outputs (each with it's own volume knob)


    midi in/out


    Great device!


    email: laughingbonez (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. This looks like a good keyboard for $230. Anyone try it or have opinions?


    It's got a lot of tones, sequencer, arpeggiator, synth style cutoff and resonance knobs, USB, and some teaching tools.


    I wonder how the piano sounds...

    compared to Yamaha NP20 for $300? That one doesn't have arp or lots of tones.





  7. Hi. When I looked at getting a Korg M50 I was distraught to see that there are no favorites buttons or users banks for saving and organizing programs/combis.


    If this is true then how would you use this keyboard in a live band setting where you need to change sounds quickly?



  8. If I am understanding ohms correctly then 450w x2 @ 4 ohms will equal 225w going into each of my 4 speakers since they are all 8ohm speakers. If this is right then I think that this would be loud enough. Right?


    We are a blues band putting 3 vocals through the PA. We don't play that loud and we usually only play bars with 50 people in them (this is rural Vermont).


    We use 2 Peavey PR12s as mains and 2 Carvin 10s as monitors.


    I am thinking of getting the following power amp:

    Samson SX1200 33lb $299

    450w x2 @ 4 Ohms

    300w x2 @ 8 Ohms


    If that isnt loud enough then I'd get this:

    Samson SX1800 SX 37lb $389

    600w x2 @ 4ohm

    400w x2 @ 8ohm


    However, money is an issue so if I can get away with the SX1200 then that would be great!


    Lemme know! Thanks.




  9. I'm hoping someone can help me set the EQ better on my mixer. I am running 2 male vocals and 1 female vocal thru sm58s into a Samson XM910 powered mixer into 2 Peavey PR12 mains. We are a blues band playing small bars with 75 people in the audience. We have 2 guitars, bass, and drums but only send the 3 vocals through the PA.


    My PR12s are the older NON-NEO version.


    The mixer has a 10 band EQ. How should I set it?


    Those of you using PR12s how do you set your EQ?


    Thanks for any tips!

  10. I have the chance to get a used Cyber Deluxe for $299. I've read good things about it. I'm just worried because they don't make them anymore and I think these amps were made in 2002? That makes me wonder if they can be reliable 6 years later. Should I take the chance and get one? I'm worried it may have technical issues...?

  11. Hi I play blues, rock, and funk with a humbucker equipped semi-hollowbody into a Fender Blues Jr tube amp. I have a Bad Monkey which I love for my blues leads. Using my guitar's volume knobs and a volume pedal and the tube amp I can get a lot of sounds.


    Now I desire a pedal that is heavier (a non-TS9 overdrive or some light distortion pedal) for more of a rock sound. I need this pedal to be set so I can play single notes AND chunky chords that are a whole Rock level higher than my BadMonkey. Note: I don't play metal or punk!!


    What do you suggest for under $150?


    I've already tried:

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