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  1. I have a very nice USA made Carvin V220 with EMG's. No dents, dings, fretwear. Would cost $1200 to order with these options not including EMG's.


    Carvin V220


    Made in USA

    Maple neck through, alder body

    Ebony fretboard ( jet black )

    Mother of Pearl block inlays, real not plastic

    string through body Gotoh bridge

    Jumbo stainless steel frets

    14" fretboard radius

    Sperzel locking tuners

    EMG actives

    Dunlop Straplocks

    Black hardware

    Black headstock face



















  2. My only gripe is the mods
    I'm worried it won't sound like my old stock one. Plus, also weary that youre selling that one over your stock one, especially considering the stock one would sell easier


    That's cool. Anyway, this Mako was just at Mako and has Andrew's approval. It does rip. Good luck.

  3. TRADED!!! You snooze, you lose.





    Looking to trade a Mako Dorado head for another high gain amp. I am only trading because I have two Dorados.


    This particular Dorado has had some mods done by Andrew Solner of Mako Ampflification. Andrew added a Depth and Sub knob on the back panel for tuning in just the right type of low end you want at any volume. On the front panel he added four mini switches. They include a bright switch, two gain boosts, and a mid shift switch. He also changed the power light to purple.


    This amp has the most brutal high gain tones you've heard but, if you are reading this you likely already know this. You also probably know Mako amps have some of the highest build quality you can find.


    I am willing to add or take cash for the right trade. Interested in Mesa Mark series, Peavey 6505+, etc.



    Can take more pics if needed.


    It is the Mako on top.





    Mini switches for bright and gain boosts.





    Just checked the bias.



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