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  1. On 10/3/2018 at 6:54 PM, Luke17 said:

    TP rubbed shoulders with the best and famous, but I for one was never a fan...no accounting for musical taste...obviously, I haven’t a clue, 😊


    That reminds me of a couple of things !! ) :)

    1.)  Yogi Berra's High School Counselor told Yogi that he he dint have a clue 

    Yogi said he dint even suspect any thing !! ) :lol: 


    2.) rebel without a clue !! )

    lots of footage of Johnny and Faye is why the video version is twice as long as the album version !! ( :



  2. On 3/20/2019 at 11:55 AM, Zig al-din said:

    Don't want to run afoul of the classic rock orthodoxy here at HCPP but:


    Mr Bungle:

    Mr Bungle

    Disco Volante



    The Fall:

    This Nation's Saving Grace

    Bend Sinister

    The Frenz Experiment


    The Stooges:

    The Stooges

    Raw Power



    David Bowie:






    Los Angeles

    Wild Gift

    Under the Big Black Sun

    More Fun in the New World


    Jesus Lizard:






    Rio Grande Mud

    Tres Hombres



    The Stooges released three studio albums: they followed up “The Stooges” with “Fun House,” in 1970, and “Raw Power,” in 1973. The first two albums are chaotic, desperate, and bold. “The Stooges,” which was produced by John Cale, of the Velvet Underground, is the band at its most economic. By the time that they made “Raw Power,” James Williamson was playing lead guitar and Ron Asheton was on bass, and they had rebranded themselves as Iggy and the Stooges. Dave Alexander had been fired in 1970, for showing up too drunk to perform. (He died in 1975, at age twenty-seven, from complications from pancreatitis.) “Raw Power” was mixed by David Bowie, and it contains two songs, “Gimme Danger” and “I Need Somebody,” that might reasonably be described as ballads.

    The Stooges fell apart shortly thereafter, for all the usual reasons: drugs, clashing agendas, poor sales. The band’s final performance of the nineteen-seventies was at the Michigan Palace, in Detroit, in 1974. Pop was antagonizing the room, and being pelted with beer, whiskey bottles, bras, and shoes. In 1976, a recording of the show was released, titled “Metallic K.O.” In 1977, Lester Bangs wrote about the record for the Village Voice: “Nobody gets killed, but ‘Metallic K.O.’ is the only rock album I know where you can actually hear hurled beer bottles breaking against guitar strings.”





    I remember when The Stooges were new !! ) :)

  3. The idea is to take your audience on a journey, and create a magical experience for them. Math is fine, but it may or may not be relevant to accomplishing this goal. There’s key and tempo, but there’s also style, genre, feel, energy, and other factors.

    There is no substitute for trying out your set(s) on a live audience to see what works and what doesn’t. From this you’ll gain experience. From experience, you’ll learn how to make a good show, or one that can be great, with a few tweaks.


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    I didn't say it was. You made a statement claiming Dylan "synthesized several new forms of the 12 bar blues". I can't find any evidence to support that statement, try as I might.




    I'm not sure why you're bringing up "sloppiness", which I've never had an issue with. I said "clumsily played", which is very different from "sloppy". By saying that, I meant that the grooves are stiff, and the phrasing of the players is stilted and awkward, with perhaps the exception of Al Kooper.


    Little Steven has at least 2 10 minute intros to LaRS !! )






    there was no bigger Dylan fan than Jimi !! )


    Bob raising the bar songwriting


    extrapolates nicely with


    Jimi raising the bar playing !! ) :)


  5. Ramones

    Leave Home

    Rocket to Russia

    Road to Ruin

    End of the Century

    Pleasant Dreams


    :lol: !! )




    okay-now some thoughts on the runners up !! )







    The first 2 have better singles off of !! )

    The second pair are better albums !! )

    (overall-might belong with the others ?? )










    the albums that bookend


    these 2 are good but not in the same league !! ( :


    Hell and Back




    I guess if you put


    For Those About To Rock


    in there they might belong with the others ?? ) :)











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  6. Bringing it all Back Home

    Highway 61

    Blonde on Blonde


    I know that a lot of out and out musos hate the guy, but he was literally on fire through this period.


    I love the morphing of goofing around (hows bout that mike adjuster ?? )


    to playing as cold blooded as jimmy rogers in half a heart beat !! )



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