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  1. Integrated battery on a device intended for multimedia use is rather stupid, if you ask me. O well, consumers will just have to buy the "new and improved" iPhone after a year or so once the battery goes bad, sure $$.

  2. ok, got the 3080, just waiting for it to get here. how would you compre the 3080 with the fantom. i actually have a chance to get my old fantom s back. i like the 128 poly on the 3080 as to the 64 on the fantom s.


    I've had a 3080 and a Fantom S simultaneously. The 3080 doesn't compare, imo: lower quality ROM (32kHz) with lots of recycled JV-samples, only one MFX processor, no COSM effects, no digital outs. 128 poly is nice but really a non-issue for live play or when recording one track at a time. Mind you, it still sounds very good, Fantom is just tad bit better imo.

  3. However, how do you get all the JD800 patches in the Fantom S/X?


    Second-guessing here, but some of the JD waves (or very similar ones) still remain in the Fantom and you can duplicate the effects settings to some degree. I did duplicate my favourite patches with my Fantom S (with varying degrees of success) before I sold off my JD-800.


    Soundwise, they're very much different beasts, imo. JD-800 has quite a bit of that thick&bright 80s lo-fi digital vibe going while Fantom ends up sounding noticeably cleaner with same waves and pretty much identical settings. The JD-800 has a more musical filter resonance, imo. I do, however, have to agree that the JD-800 is pretty much redudant if you have a Fantom (that can do everything a JD-800 can and more).

  4. Your best bet would probably be a mid 90s Korg as those are both inexpensive and popular in the genre (especially the X-series). Interestingly enough, I recall reading Emperor used an Ensoniq TS12 for 'In the Nightside Eclipse'. Dimmu Borgir's 'Enthrone Darkness Triumphant' is mostly Korg X5, iirc (at least that's the board they used on stage). Korg really has the atmospheric stuff nailed, though, so that'd be my recommendation.

  5. Most opinions I've heard/read so far point to mono as being the norm, with the reasoning being that due to people's positioning/seating in clubs, they don't normally hear the full stereo field.


    I recall we had a similar thread couple of months ago. But yes, that's exactly the reason I run and monitor my rig in mono. Usually, only a small part of the audience sits in the sweet spot so I see little point in running in stereo in your average club environment.


    As mentioned my mrcpro, if you feel you want to use stereo, the safest bet would be making a stereo mix that collapses well to mono. Most small PA-systems are indeed stereo (although there are exceptions), but I suppose the main point is whether you want to deliver great sound to a small part of the audience or to deliver good sound to most of the audience.

  6. The signal that goes to FOH, however, is always stereo, as pianos and organs sound better stereo...


    ...and hopefully sound all right in mono :). I usually set up in mono - at least that way I know everything sounds good coming out of the PA. However, I don't see the problem in running stereo if the stage is small and you have control over speaker placement and sound (ie. you provide your own PA).


    I tend to spread keys a little when I'm behind the mixer, and it works on some occasions, but I wouldn't count on it as being the norm :). I agree that it's nice to have some stereo spread for the Leslie effect, though. People playing strings/pads/some piano might not care that much for stereo.

  7. I like the idea of crossfading ... Something the Fantom doesn't have, I believe ... However, like most things on a workstation, it can be worked around ...


    Huh? You can set up crossfades by using the velo fade upper/lower parameters (TMT screen, right above and below the velo ranges on my Fantom S, probably similar on your X).

  8. I'm thinking of getting a JX10 myself - when you say keys drop out, do you mean the key stops working or a particular voice stops working? Are that and PS problems common with the JX10?


    JX key contacts need cleaning now and then, nothing serious. The PS issue is a tricky one. The synth flexes quite a bit due to the thin plywood base. I assume this can lead to cracks on the PS board and result in flaky operation.


    CTB: Changing the aftertouch sensor completely revitalized the AT. Re-capping the PSU also seemed to drop the noise floor a little (it was rather clean to begin with, though).

  9. I think the only person who is doing wrong here is the Finnish producer. Siting and waiting for the money to fall from the sky?

    Dude, sue the bastard! Or first wait for it to be released with the video THEN sue - you will become world famous, plus you will get $$$$$$$.


    I understand he (Janne Suni) discussed his options with his lawyer and was told that suing a large label would be a rather ugly and lengthy process at best. I'm hoping they can reach some kind of a settlement, though.

  10. Bah, the VA section is fine, but I definitely wouldn't consider it 'warm' by default, more like clean and crispy (some would say sterile ;). I like the way those low quality waveforms alias in the upper register, btw :).


    I definitely wish Roland would fix the looping function, it works as and when it pleases atm, imo. I often get clicks even after inserting same loop points that worked seamlessly before encoding. I suppose it works just fine for those rhythmic loops, but I often get frustrated trying to loop a continuous waveform.

  11. Originally posted by slougui

    Hi Wind,

    Do you use those instruments to compose/record your music? If so, how are they hooked up to your audio card/DAW? [cables used, length, any mixer in the chain, etc].

    Thanks a lot.


    I do,


    I run the Fantom and V-Synth into an RME Multiface through optical fiber, no problems whatsoever :). Older stuff with unbalanced outs goes direct to analog ins using 3m/10ft (Neutrik/Cordial) cables. I believe I was little on the safe side with the cable lengths, though (I've heard people recommend everything between 10-20ft as max length).


    But yea, I agree, every synth should have impedance balanced outs. All you need is a a resistor or two and there are no drawbacks I know of (only one side is actually driven, but I've understood you get the full benefits anyway).

  12. V-Synth has 50MB of sample RAM of which 32MB is preloaded (you can replace them with your own samples, but most of the preloaded material is rather good imo - I only deleted the preset loops).


    Variphrase is kind of hit/miss. It doesn't always sound good (especially when adjusting time) and has obvious artifacts. You also rarely get what you were looking for, but that could be considered a bonus :).


    Importing is also rather difficult as you need to find the loop points again (just write up the sample numbers :). Also, I often have to re-encode the sample multiple times before I get satisfying results so prepare to spend some time here.


    I like the VA section as it adds a predictable element to an otherwise hard-to-tame synth :). It's however rather bland and aliases like mad in the upper registers. I think it's best used to supplement the PCM waveforms.


    The controllers...I think the V-Synth is worth the price of admission for those alone. I don't use the V-Synth as a master keyboard, but with all the programmability, it would definitely rock in that role too.

  13. Originally posted by sizzlemeister

    The Fantom (and the "G") sound murky and drowned - OUT OF THE BOX. They sound bad, period.


    I have to agree (I'm Fantom S owner) - every sound is drenched/drowned in reverb and the preset programming sucks (luckily the downloadable XV preset set is good). The ROM itself is good, imo.


    As for sounding murky, it's subjective, boost the 8kHz shelf (or enhance, or...) until your ears bleed and you have your nice Motif/Triton sound ;). The Fantom doesn't really have enough insert FX to process the s*it out of the sounds, so it's going to sound little unpolished in comparison.


    I haven't really messed around with a Fusion much, but imo, a workstation synth lives and dies by its base sample ROM no matter how complete it is otherwise. It's easy to replace the few sounds you need for gigging, but far from practical to replace the entire ROM. If you don't need the rompler function, good for you.

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