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  1. Then why the BFD about the Fender Blues JR?

    If you have the "stock" JBL, Weber, Watusi,etc., and have the "stock Fender

    s&p"----the price goes WAAY up by replaceing the speaker with a better Jensen 12"--AND---replaceing the grill with "Laquered Tweed"?

  2. Hiwatt had a pamphlet that you could buy for cheap that gave excellent

    info on DIY cabs. They went into the details about baffles, front-load vs

    back-loading speakers, the geometry and theory....all in a an easy to understand form. I have seen it on Ebay a few times for under $15.

    It showed how to use all of your wood with no waste, and make a top-notch

    cab you could be proud of....

  3. I have used my RP 200 for 3 years now. I have enjoyed some

    of the sounds that I could produce--others, not so much.

    The main problem i've had with this system is the power supply.

    I have yet to have one last for over4-6 months without burning out. And this was just from moderate home usage---no gigs, and no abuse at all----it never left my house.

    I am not the first person to complain about this problem---read the HC reviews on the RP 200. It is a major flaw---no power, no play. I have had to wait for weeks for new power supplies, and

    Digitech is the only one who sells the one that will work.

    AND they are not cheap. I felt that i got a good deal when I bought this unit, but I have now spent more on replacement power supplies than I have on the RP 200.

    The only reason I mention this is because I am hoping that Digitech has resolved this issue with their new products. I

    enjoyed using the unit when I could.

  4. Reading the replies here confirms what I read elsewhere--

    namely that people who have used Ensoniq have had good

    experiences, generally. My main motivation was that they can

    be had for CHEAP, and lots of Ensonic units are still out there being used, so there are patches and parts to be had.

    I don't know what i'm doing---but i'm having a blast learning

    on this thing.

    Any suggestions as to what to use for amplification/speakers?

    I'm using the "active" input on my SWR bass amp, presently.

  5. A couple of weeks ago, I asked for opinions on a CHEAP way

    to get some decent organ sounds for my home recording

    project. Lots of people had some suggestions for me that

    tended to exceed my budget restraints ($300-400), and/or

    were getting complicated---keys, b3 clone, leslie sim, etc.

    I am happy--VERY happy to report that I ended up with a

    Ensoniq SQ-1+, and it is the "bees' nees'"! I am getting

    close to the B3-type sounds already, without too much fuss,

    and i've got plenty more to fool with when i am ready, such

    as the sequencer. Best of all, I SCORED this thing by sniping

    it off of the "Keyboard" auction (instead of the "Synth" category)

    for $155= $25 ship.

    Then, the guy calls me to say that it quit working, and he will

    let me choose to either void the sale, or knock off $50 to

    see if I can get it fixed. I chose to take it, and sure enough,

    when I opened it up, a "ribbon-type connector was obviously

    loose--so I plugged it in, and everything is working!

    So, for $130 total, I'm happy with what I got...:)

    Thanks to all who took the time to help with suggestions. :cool:

  6. Originally posted by Jack Luminous

    I know more about the topic than the link I posted. The guy is trying to peddle out of his ill-conceived study using whatever reason he could find (mis-labelling of tubes... Yeah right) for good reasons. Other scientific teams tried but never could reproduce his fake results. Secondly, that Ricaurte guy has a long history of far right-wing strong anti-drug stance which he's trying to forward as much as possible, regardless of science. It is a purely moral/political stance, not a scientific one.


    He is saying that they were supplied with the wrong chemicals,

    and then they went as far as to track down the incorrect

    drug in the frozen specimen of brain. Any doctor would be a fool

    to willfully misrepresent their findings, and submit it to the

    Lancet. To claim that he would do this because he is "right

    wing", and "anti-drug" is ridiculous.

    What doctor do you know that is PRO "recreational" drug use,


    I never said that. You should pay more attention. I said that the scientific stance toward MDMA in 1985 was a scientific one, purely oriented for medical purpose. After that, following strong political pressure, it changed to be oriented toward demonstrating how dangerous it was as a drug. You must obtain public funds or administrative approvals to lead any kind of serious research, remember ?


    I WAS paying attention. You're saying that the "right wing"

    conspiracy made MDMA a dangerous drug, and "science" had

    nothing to do with that. Bullshit. MDMA IS a dangerous drug.

    People are dying from the short term effects--severe increase

    in body temperature with physical exertion---and now that

    they are finding evidence of long-term effects, you don't want

    to know. That's OK. They weren't SURE that smoking caused

    lung cancer back in the 1950's, either. It takes time to "prove"

    something like that---so I don't think you should encourage

    people to try MDMA, just because there isn't a rock-solid

    case for long-term brain damage, yet. The evidence we DO have

    should be looked at, not ignored.

    I'm not aware of any serious work or study by him.




    P.S., if you want to, you can google "ecstacy brain damage",

    and find LOTS more info.

  7. Originally posted by Hamer95USA

    Hey Tuco,

    The price list for the following parts:

    Carling 316PP switch: $8.50

    Dunlop Fasel reissue wah inductor (red): $20.00

    Fulltone Icar tone pot: $25.00

    BC109C transistors: .70 cents each


    These are probably the most expensive parts for the wah modifications, if cost is an issue. The resistors are quite cheap unless you upgrade to carbon film or metal film resistors for low noise, then the price is a little more.

    Guitar George


    Hey, GG....Thanks for hooking me up! I won the auction for the carling true-bypass switch, and now I am looking at ArielFx

    stuff arielfx

    I am told the "halo" inductor is the true vintage "jimi" style,

    and that the "fasel" was after that. (?)

    I am looking at their pots, too, esp. the "clyde".

    Their auction prices are cheaper than their list price here, and shipping is cheap.

    What do you think?

  8. Originally posted by Jack Luminous

    This paper from Ricaurte has later been retracted by its own author under false excuses. The whole study was rigged and wrong from the beginning. Sorry but you should stop spreading misinformation. Here's a link to the official retraction :


    Secondly, a little known fact is that MDMA was widely used since the 70s in psychotherapy until 1985 when the US authorities actually rendered that drug illegal because they found it was widely used for recreational purpose. Previous studies have not shown any long term side effects...


    You should read the whole thing before you jump onto an


    "This apparent labeling error does not call into question the results of multiple previous studies demonstrating the serotonin neurotoxic potential of MDMA in various animal species, including several nonhuman primate species (3-6, 8). Regarding the dopamine neurotoxic potential of MDMA in nonhuman primates, it remains possible that dose regimens in the range of those used by some humans, but different from those thus far tested, produce dopamine neurotoxicity in primates, as they do in rodents (9, 10). Moreover, lasting effects of MDMA on dopaminergic function in humans have recently been reported (11), and some humans with a history of MDMA abuse have developed Parkinsonism (12-14). However, until the dopamine neurotoxic potential of MDMA in primates can be examined more fully, this possibility remains uncertain.


    George A. Ricaurte,

    Department of Neurology,

    Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center,

    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine,


    Also, if you think we should go by what they knew back in 1985, at not do any more research, then you have appearantly made

    up your mind, anyway.

    If someone wants to keep an open mind, there are other studies on MDMA an it's effects on the brain. Try Dr Rod Irvine at Uni of Adelaide, for instance.

  9. Originally posted by delorean

    well, i didn't look up the Lancet article, but the info you pasted from the BBC article wasn't nearly as informative or convincing as the stuff i linked to on wikipedia.

    and for the record, i've never done MDMA, and haven't done drugs of any kind on more than 20 years... nor am i trying to argue with you. just trying to have an honest exchange of ideas, backed by facts and suchlike.




    That's :cool:

  10. Originally posted by delorean

    thanks for the info, tuco. familiar with the Lancet -- they're obviously not some random websitre.

    however, after a quick perusal of the above, i really didn't find anything compelling. just stuff like "
    brain damage" (emphasis added) and some BBC health correspondent (not a doc, near as i can tell) saying stuff like "Each tablet is like a hammer blow to the head."

    found some much more convincing info





    Doctors are being quoted throughout---the Lancet only prints

    "peer-reviewed" articles, and none of this is being sensationalised. I pasted these paragraphs from the BBC report,

    but there is a long clinical study that this information is all based

    on---written by the doctors who performed it. I don't know how

    it could be any more straight forward or compelling....

    If you're still not convinced--then google "ecstacy brain damage",

    and look for other peer-reviewed articles.


    I don't know what else to tell you. Ecstacy is different in this

    respect than LSD, Psilocybin, and Mescaline---there is no proof

    of long-lasting brain damage with them.

    If I can discourage ANYONE from using MDMA, it is all for the


  11. Originally posted by suitandtieguy

    uh dude i meant a HAMMOND M3.


    OK, I found one on Ebay that is only $120 right now--but

    shipping on a full-size organ?


    And again, the Rotoshere along is around $300.



    It doesn't look like my budget will get me were I want to be.

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