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  1. I'm looking for some advice on some instructional videos (or audio tracks, but would prefer video) that do a series-long, day-to-day exercise of voice training. Think P90X or Insanity for vocals (though not something to stress your muscles, just training). I've found a couple single 40-minute / 50-minute videos that are one-time things you repeat, but I'm really looking for shorter (20 - 30 minute) videos that include different methods. Does any of that make sense?

  2. I plan on only distributing through local retailers - for example, here are 2 stores that will be selling my CDs:






    They do both require barcodes for CDs to be sold through them.


    I'm in North Carolina, in the states, so that's the location that would be applicable for the codes. I'm not distributing through a record label, so royalties aren't so much an issue as the stores have to keep track of what they sell so I can collect payment from them once a month - that's how it works with both these local stores when they sell local music.

  3. your disc replicator should have the ability to handle that for you.


    Unfortunately, since I used a local company, they don't have that capability, which i didn't find out about until after the fact (which has caused me a few other problems as well).



  4. Hey there,

    I have replicated 1000 CDs through a local company, and have CD art ready to be printed. However, I don't have a barcode yet. I will be selling a lot of these CDs through 3 local retail stores, so it is necessary I have a code, but I'm not really sure where to get one for a one-time use. Can someone point me in the right direction?



  5. Really depends on the art style you're going for. I do album art, I just charge by the hour and have done 6 local projects. One of my favorite artists (if you like his art style) is Joey Izzerary: http://madsketcher.deviantart.com/. He charges flat rates, usually between $300 - $800 depending on how extensive the art is. My recommendation would be to browse around deviantart's CD covers (http://browse.deviantart.com/designs/cdcovers/), find a few you like, and email the people and ask what their rates are.


    daddymack's suggestion about checking the local college scene is a good one too - a friend of mine did that and got some great art from a graphic art design major who did it for free as one of his mid-term projects.

  6. I think the world out grew Mr, Corgan and the Pumpkins, The "Lalapaloser Nation " had it's day, don't get me wrong but with the advent of Alternative, there were no virtuosos, good songwriting and musicianship was lowered, the bar to the point that any guy that knew three chords was signed. Yes, there was some good music but ... not much.

    Something will come along to shake the industry like Mtv did in the early 1980's. As for the suffering of the record industry, I have no sympathy for them .... look at how they ripped off generations of songwriters and performers.

    Another key factor that lead to the beginning of the death of the industry in 1993, they killed the diversity of music and signed up disposable mediocre artist including M.r Corgan, Punk ( pre packaged Rebellion) and Rap ..... no wonder Counrty music was so big beginning in the mid 1990's.


    Huh, I don't think I would call Corgan even remotely "disposable" and "mediocre," but I do think that could be said about 99% of the rest of the music from his same era of fame.

  7. I actually think this is really good, and I don't even like country! (or at least, rarely go out of my way to listen to it). The first song, in particular, really evokes images in my head of Billy Joel (obviously not country), and put me in a weird, quirky, happy place for 10:00 AM on a Sunday morning when I'm usually having to fix my boss's bull{censored} mistakes from the previous week.


    Good job!

  8. I actually thought the Phillip guy was fine. I'm going to admit, I'm a big Dave fan, and that being said, I would hardly call him a clone. Yes, he takes a ridiculous amount of inspiration from Dave Matthews, but so do 95% of other artists. Every "original" artist I hear, I can hear inspirations of other artists somewhere in there.


    With that being said, I thought - clone or not - that Phillip was an extremely refreshing change from the typical top-40s pop trash that usually comes from that show. There's usually 1 singer each year that stands out as not sounding like everyone else on stage, and this year, I thought they did well to actually let that person win.


    I stopped watching that crap years ago, even then it was pretty casual viewing.


    And we're all very proud of you and those like you who have chosen to make such a powerful stand against crap TV shows.


    Quote Originally Posted by kindbeats

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    Today's Question: What Have Your Most Recent Practice Sessions Focused On?

    Soloing, soloing, and soloing. I’ve been trying to get back to my free form roots and integrate it into my current playing.


    Single Kick Drum speed and control. I'm tired of using the double kick as a crutch - there are definitely times and places for double kick, but not as often as I (and many others) use it.

  10. I've had the same tree for 13 years. Unfortunately, I bought it used back in the day, and even when it was new for me, the brand on it had long disappeared. It's an old piece of equipment, and has served me well, but most of the joints have stopped gripping anymore, so it's time to replace.


    I use 2 cowbells, 4 woodblocks of various size, and a pink jam block.


    What do you guys recommend for a tree that can fit at least most (but preferably all) of these? If placement matters, I like to set them slightly above and to the back of my hats.

  11. I didn't take what the guy said to heart - I've been in commission sales before and knew what he was doing.


    My question was more about (and maybe I'll clarify here!): Do drummers actually hear a dollar-increase in quality difference between these various "higher quality" cymbals. Because whether or not you hear it, there is a $$ difference between AAX and HHX, and between A Custom & K Custom. If you don't hear it, and overwhelmingly, if drummers don't really hear that $$ difference, then how do the companies get away with charging more?


    Now, I haven't done a lot of research lately on cymbal building, but are there actually more dollars put into the creation of those "highest quality" cymbals (work hours, more expensive machinery, etc) that justify an actual cost difference? Or is it just a sales ploy, and quite frankly, the cymbals should cost exactly the same?


    When talking AAX vs HHX, the difference is solely tone/character, not build quality, and anybody who tells you different is angling for increased sales/commissionsoff pf your gullability, period.

    Same between Paiste 2002 and Signature or Zildjian A Custom vs K Custom, etc.

  12. Hey,

    I was just curious to hear some drummers' (as in, not sales reps' or music stores') opinions and perspectives on paying more money for higher quality cymbals.


    This is more of just a question of curiosity than anything else. I recently bought a Sabian AAX 21" Dry Raw Bell Ride, and loved it, but got talked down to a bit for not spending the extra $70 on the HHX version of it. And at the end of the day, I could hear the difference in tone and timbre, but not necessarily a difference in quality, and just thought the AAX was perfectly fine. So I'm curious what you guys think about this type of upgrade.


    I don't mean the difference between brands, and I don't mean the difference between Sabian's B8 series and their HH series. Obviously, there are "starter" cymbals. I'm talking about more of the higher-ish lines and their differences.


    For instance, have you (drummers) typically found it worthwhile to pay the extra $50 - $150 for an upgrade of a similar cymbal from Sabian's AAX line to their HHX line ? Or from Zildjian's A Custom to their K Custom line?



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