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  1. A little background. last few years I've been playing EB & URB in a couple cover bands, gigging regularly and lugging around a GBE 1200 (45 lb.s +rack) leftover from my original rock band days. Coupled with a Frankencab (old swr workingman with kappa lite 15, 54 lb.s) this was plenty for any of our gigs. Overkill really.. Shuttle 6.2 gets here Thursday. Next in my sights is a fishman platinum pro bass, but I think Frankencab eventually has to go, for weight if nothing else. My plan is to get a nice 12, then down the road something else and sell the 15. Right now, I'm leaning towards an Epifani PS 112, for the price and weight, and reviews. From what i read the UL (?) is better, but nearly twice the price. As far as I know nobody in my area carries them though, so I can't test drive.. For down the road, just looking for a second cab, I stumbled upon "Greg's pro audio", they have these interesting 1X10's, large dimensions, actually heavier than the Epi 12. 350 watt. Same price as the Epi. Anyone have any experience with either of these? Thanks.

  2. Lightly used GBE 1200, 1200 watt (@ 2 ohms) bass amp. For $800 I would personally deliver, for free, anywhere within 300 miles of Boise idaho. Anywhere further, well have to work something out. The amp cost $1400 new and has been mounted in a SKB case since the day I got it, with vinyl washers protecting the faceplate. Foot switch included. Sam

  3. And some things happened with a woman I have no interest in (
    ). She keeps texting me. I told her to stop, she won't. How do you block texters? I mean, I can send calls straight to voice mail, but texts? I use a G1, and I am on T-Mobile... Don't call me a douche either, kthx


    are you worried about your reputation?


    cuz if not you could do some real {censored}ed up {censored}....:facepalm:

  4. Coke isn't technically physically addictive, so that's normal enough. Basic instinct and weighing out the pros and cons of getting shot for coke probably took over....... although if you were more biologically predisposed to addiction you probably would have just went downtown and fished around till you found another source.

    PS, glad you kicked it man

    thanks:thu: me too. what a complete waste of time and money.

    funny, now that I think of it, I wasn't playing in a band the whole time i was on it.:idk:

    now i just gotta work on the smoke&drink:facepalm:
    thats harder because its so associated with music for me.

  5. Its always gonna escalate, thats the nature of it. More More More.

    I got pretty strung out on the {censored} for a while a few years ago. Lost a bunch of weight, (that was nice) went broke. Daily increasing use, and a little treat at work. I had managed to hold a job the whole time, but I was on a downward spiral. It was all realy cared about, all i wanted to do. It would have ruined my life for good if something major hadn't happened. The place I was getting it got robbed, i mean cleaned out, and i had no way to get anymore. Lucky for me, things were just way too sketchy to go anywhere near that crowd ever again, and i just either wasn't brave or desperate enough to go out and try to find another source. Though, mabey that means I wasn't that addicted?:idk:

  6. SS amp - yes.

    Tube amp - no.

    With few exceptions, you should always match a tube amp. Modern tube amps can usually take that much of a mismatch but no guarantees...

    to the OP, disregard my post.:facepalm: I tend to think in terms of solid state.

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