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  1. Dear Community-dear Tubemeister owners

    I own several amps,among them a Mark V and a Tubemeister 18

    Played through the same box-Tubemeister sounds thin and even if you tweak a lot with the controls-the mark V at 10 Watts will eat it for breakfast.gap is bigger at besdroom levels but still there at small Venue gig levels

    This is with a Mesa Thiele EVM12L.Its better with a closed back V30(still huge gap) and most narrow gap to Mark V comes with HB's on the Tubemeister-still noticeable though.

    Of course there is a huge price gap also,but has anybody an idea how to get at least close ?

    If it is what it is,what would be cummunitys recommendation for Marshall style 70's clean,playable at bedroom levels and for small gigs.(The marshall cleans is not the Mark V's thing and also not my Deluxe reverb's.



  2. Sorry no clips (YET was still to lacy to buy a decent Mic,my elder ones are finished) .But once I get it ill post my sloopy playing-->Yes its a ringer.There is always a real debate about circuit print vs wire--> I proved to myself vs DLX RVB RI that there is a tiny difference both in sound(ears) but also if you professionally measure the current flow.Key is lying in components quality, and the way you solder as well AS IN SOLDER ITSELF




    Thanks for the answer



  3. Thanks a lot-->all this is no concern to me ,as it is a head,the speaker cabs are somewhat away and I will replace the grill with a glass like the Hughes&Klettner's


    Here are some inner pictures




    It was made by one of the Weber recommended builders(can give e@mail on PM)-->I am not good enough for that


    And MAN that amp rocks


    Could allready play it vs a real one (Old one not RI) and vs the AXE FX 2-->Identical a bit more dynamic response




    Last no name knob is master volume



  4. Dear Community


    Innocent question


    what happens if i use my Weber 6A20(DLX reverb head) like this




    (Of couse in an amp cabinet)


    without the covers





    It sits static in the living room so ther is no danger that the tubes may fall out





  5. You need at least two amps. Very few amps can do both pristine Fender or Vox-like cleans and brutal Uberschall-like metal tones. That's why Hetfield uses a Roland Jazz Chorus along with his Mesas (or whatever he's using these days...). Classic rock tones, clean and dirty, are possible to get from one good amp like a Vox AC30 or a Dr. Z. But few true metal amps have outstanding clean tones. Some of them do a decent job, but I still think you should buy an amp for clean/blues/classic rock and metal if your range requires it.

    I don't think that any serious metal player uses scooped sounds these days. The sound of metal is aggressive midrange with beefy lows and delicate highs.


    + 2


    Using a Mark V(where some say NOT metal enough) and a Deluxe Reverb (apart the Axe) brought me best of most worlds.

    Funny part is the either or storys .Only one can rule(clean,crunch,metal) but there can be no ther God! Why?


    Although its not metal (by some people) Hetfields "Nothing else matters" needs clean and metal,and Richi Blackmoore in Deep Purple times was a mostly clean player(as the thick overdriven sound came from Jon's organ through 2 cranked Marshall's)


    So live(fast) and let live




    After 30+ year's of playing I think its harder and needs more accuracy and better playing to get a clen song right vs an heavy overdriven

  6. I just wish someone would send me all of those junky vintage silver and blackface fender amps....I am willing to make the sacrifice of adopting such junk and take them all. Heaven forbid such outdated trash take up the space that a perfectly good Egnater could fill

    I did not play many Egnater,but I could not find that sparkly clean ;)

    If space has to be taken then by Mark V's :love::thu:


  7. At some point in history, "older is better" stopped being a practical rule of thumb to navigate past {censored}ty modern production and started being mystical unsubstantiated nonsense.


    My take on this is very practical.Beeing 53 and playing 30+years with brakes,I take what comes close to the sound I want.


    But I fully agree on vintage vs just OLD.The Web is full of BF Amps-->All of them Pre CBS(although this does not matter till about 76 on amps-not guitars) and they are old rotten junk sometimes with a thefly price.


    I was always looking for a very special BF clean (sparkly sound) I had in my ear since I was starting guitar playing long ago.I came close but never there after a myrad of amps.


    With help of this forum,suggestions and Youtube I could at least name it Fender Deluxe Reverb.Hunt started and I have seen many bad worn out amp,modded to death for a lot of money.I tried the Vointage Reiissue 65'Dlx RVB-->very close but still not 100% (as the elder speakers were differnt because beeing highly unefficient)


    I found a friend with a Weber 6A20HP and was 95 % there what I looked for a long time-->And as I wanted a head to easy explore the speakers I ended up buying a Weber Kit(6A20) and a DT10 speaker.So I am worse then the Vintage boys.I have an amp which is new but made as the Vintage was(apart the tubes) and now tone in my head and tone in reallity are 97 % matched




    So after all its the TONE and not that it is OLD


    This says a Mark V ,and AxeFX2 + others owner



  8. So the wife told me that she wants me to get the "be all, end all" guitar of my choice.


    Not to ruin that thread,not at all


    But after 30 years + guitar playing,beeing an lacy boy and dont want to haul so much amps and guitars from one place to annother,the BE ALL-END ALL guitar (for me the swiss army knive guitar) does NOT exist !


    If you play more then one narrow focussed genre,and you want to get your tone right,then one guitar simply wont do it.


    I am not saying that you shouldnt buy a Suhr,the only thing I am saying is it is not your last guitar


    In my humble experience I thought so buying my CS Strat-->nope and very recently with my G&L ASAT (HH, semi hollow,coil split).Because of space,practicallity,and my wifes order I have a limit of 7 guitar.I wanted an Floyd Rose guitar-Strat direction and fell in love with a G&L invader-->had to sell/dump one which was then the Xavier XV-835(a nice Tele which I brought to life with BG A3/A5 pickups).Believe me was very hard to do and the ASAT(my best guitar) cannot produce this typical Tele twang fully.


    So I rather buy 1 and leave future open




    PS:I would look at a G&L dealer for G&L custom options an CS invader may be for you,superb quality(really***) and a way bit cheaper

    PPS:***My Fender CS STRAT is a very good guitar,but all my G&L's are equal qulity,the ASAT is better

  9. Kinda prefer the visual contrast of the black PG but that is still one hot guitar. Awesome looking pickups. How much did the custom wiring set you back?


    3 times try to get it right.But point is not wireing-->it is the tiny bits and pieces of CIJ Fender's(after all japanese hands seem to be very small)


    I have a black pickguard too but the Shell locked really better





  10. Hi folks


    I upgraded my CIJ Jaguar HH from this





    to this





    The original Dragster-J's were a bit hopeless(did only sound in Mark IV mode on my MarkV and with NOTHING else) so I moved to Bryans (BG)Cleartops-->made for me with Black wire to look dark-->amazing result both as HB and with coil split(used the lower tone switch for the coil split).Now works with most of my amps



  11. If it's a single coil guitar test it though a vintage Fender Twin Reverb.

    If it's a humbucker guitar test it through an old Marshall.


    Not much to add just that in my case its Deluxe Reverb and MB Mark V (markI and IIC setting)


    Just for stirring this up-->my CIJ Jaguar sounds only good with Mark V's Mark IV setting.On all others it sounds thin and weak-->so this alone doesnt do it justice-->I swapped the Pickups (Miserable Dragster J to BG cleartops HB).


    So the Amp test alone will lead to wrong decissions



  12. Yeah, that's true with me. I just very recently got interested in him (maybe from talk about his signature guitar) and finally bought my first Rory Gallagher CD.


    Good stuff


    Jimmy Hendrix was saying he is best guitar player !!!! Hendrix !!



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