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  1. I didnt know Squire made a John 5 tele? Id love to have a tele that does the metalz

    yeah i got it earlier on this year, like others have said i couldnt get on with the massive headstock on the other version but this was a good buy and not too expensive :thu:

  2. 5153cab.jpg

    This is our jam room at the same time and god damn does it ever sound good in there. My mian amp is the 5153 wit the lower VHT cab and the Splawn and ISP sub. The sound is so powerfull and big while being tight and crunchy. Best tone i`ve heard.

    My rythm guitarist has Metal Head:facepalm: I cannot stand that amp, ice picky and shrill. Nice low end though. Doesn`t cut too well either, mids are crap on it.



    i love that :thu:

  3. Aww to bad I'd love to see pictures, I really like all kinds of guitars. I just sent and email to Martin Customer support asking for the production numbers on my Martin Graphite II.

    I am not sure if this is true or not but I just read a post in which a guy stated that he had a Martin Graphite X and that they only made 63 of them. Supposedly just 3 were lefthanded guitars.

    I asked Martin about that in my email to so I guess I will see what they say.


    well ok,


    this is my original kh2 relic 41/100, they produce a vintage line now but mine is the original run limited to 100 pieces







  4. Have any of you eBow users tried it on a bass? My fretless baritone is soon finished, and I think it would be awesome to use an eBow with it. I'm just unsure if it will work on the thickest strings.


    oh yeah thats pretty cool


    but this really clever

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