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  1. Just wondering, if the Tube EQ uses a bandpass filter, isn't that the same as a wah pedal? And since it has an expression pedal input, could this be used as a wah pedal?
  2. I just bought the EHX Tube EQ about a month ago. I've been experimenting with it a bit in the last week. On the upside, it really beefs up your tone a lot, but it can't boost what isn't already there in your pups. For example, my Gretsch's humbuckers have really lousy fidelity in the 1kHz and above range. The Tube EQ is not going to change that. What it will do is accentuate the sweet spots in your pups, and give it more oomph. On the downside, my unit has a faint buzz noise that is noticeable when playing clean. It doesn't go away no matter how I set the knobs. I've tried opening it up and moving the power lines away from the circuit board. That helped a little, but not entirely. I've tried moving the box around in the signal chain. I found it to be least noisy toward the end of the chain - after delay and reverb. I've tried tightening the middle screw that tightens the circuit board to the enclosure. That didn't help. I've also tried switching out the tubes. That didn't help either. The noise isn't dramatic, and certainly not enough to get rid of the box, but it's enough to make me think that it might be something that can be fixed. I'd be curious if anyone else has noticed it. Maybe it's just symptomatic of the added tube gain. I don't know. I have the same problem with the Wiggler. I think it's just the tubes but I'm not entirely sure. It's not bad enough to make me want to open it up and mess with it, but maybe I'm just being lazy . Thanks for the help. I'm definitely interested in the pedal, but I think it's safe to stick with the graphic EQ for what I use it for now. Maybe I'll look for a different pedal, but I'm not so sure parametric will cut it.
  3. I did see that video, but I can never tell with demos. They always show the basics and never what I would use it for. As far as what I'd use it for, right now the only reason I use the EQ-20 is to shape my guitar tone (obviously, that's what EQ is for). But I don't play guitar that much, and I'm trying to get something that I could use more for other things (like keyboards, drums, etc). So if I can just get by with it being able to do what I use my pedal for now, then I'd much rather get the Tube EQ and have more use out of it.
  4. After getting the Wiggler, I am in love with the tube sound that is adds to everything. I was thinking of trading in my Boss EQ-20 for a EHX Tube EQ instead, but is it the same effect? I know you can control the bass and treble as well as the bandpass knob. But can it serve as an EQ pedal in the same way? I couldn't really find much searching, and I don't know much about EQ.
  5. I'm looking for any old instruments/electronics/gadgets that I can use to make music with. Anything from little recorders/flutes to old tape recorders. Anything to mess around with and make some music with. I'm not looking to spend a lot of money so, anything cheap is preferred. If you're thinking of throwing anything away, or digging through old junk, post it on here before getting rid of it and maybe I'll buy it from you! Even if it's not working "properly" as long as it's not completely broken. I'm trying not to buy single items just cause I don't want to be spending a lot for shipping something simple. And I'd go to a pawn shop, but there is nothing like that around here. Thanks!
  6. sorry no thanks...there's not really many pedals that i find i want anymore.
  7. SOLD! I am selling an Electro-Harmonix Stereo Pulsar in great condition. Comes with original box, instructions, etc... There is velco on the back, which I can remove, but besides that, this is in perfect condition. Selling it $65 plus shipping (UPS or USPS, either one). I'm too lazy to take pictures now, but I'll get them up soon. I'm not looking for anything specific but I will accept trade offers. I'm mostly looking for weird/old/funky instruments, electronics, whatever that I could mess around with. Offer me anything no matter how weird, as long as I can use it and it's music related.
  8. I also have the power supply now for it, so I'll include that as well.
  9. The back as you can see has some velcro which I can remove as well as some marks from the previous owner's velcro. Otherwise, everything is in really good condition, and works perfectly.
  10. Sold! I'm selling a good condition Boss DD-20. Comes with box, instructions, etc. Does not come with power supply. There is velcro on the back (which I can remove) and some marks from the previous owner who used velcro too. Otherwise, everything else is in good working condition and looks great. For most of the time I didn't even use it on the floor, but instead on a stand. I'm selling it for $150 plus shipping. I can use USPS or UPS, whichever is preferred. I'll try to take some pictures of the pedal tomorrow.
  11. Alright, thanks for clearing that up. I think I might hold off on it for a little bit until I'd find more use from it. Thanks for the clip too.
  12. Does anyone know what exactly the insurance policy for UPS is? I can't seem to find it on their link...
  13. Kind of in the "rock chord with mf-102", but mostly the one with the lfo with the ring mod. I also hear tons of people commenting that this pedal can do so many weird varied sounds, and I kind of figure they're not all talking about just ring mod sounds, and I wouldn't say that a tremolo is that "weird".
  14. Why would you get a ring mod if you don't want to do ring mod sounds or tremolo with it? That's like saying, "hey, I'm really interested in the big muff, but I already have a fuzz and I'm wondering what other tones it can do." Although ring mod is more flexible than fuzz. If you get a ring mod, not everything you play through it has to sound like Mechanical Man by DEVO. You can play with the controls and play your guitar in different ways to get it to do what you want. Well, I like the sounds on the Moog site that aren't ring mod sounds...and because of that, I have interest in the pedal. Though I haven't seen any videos or clips anywhere else that have gotten close to those sounds, which is why I'm curious to hear more of what it can do.
  15. Well, I've been looking at the ring mod for awhile now. Just wondering if anyone has any clips or videos of the ring mod, but getting other tones than that classic "ring modulator" sound? There's a few clips on the Moog site of it getting some pretty nice sounds that don't really sound like a ring modulator type of sound, and those are the ones that interest me. I wouldn't really be using this pedal for those ring mod sounds, and I already have a tremolo, which I heard this pedal is good for, so I'm just curious to see what else this pedal can do that would still interest me. Thanks
  16. Try placing a paper towel over a glass of water, then drink through it.
  17. Can anyone explain how to get this thing open. I dropped it a few months ago, breaking the switch, and now it's been sitting in my closet since. It still works, but the switch doesn't, so I can't turn it off or switch to harmonic, it's just always "on", unless I take out the batteries. I'd like to try and fix it, so can anyone explain how to get it open without breaking it?
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