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  1. Both from a 97 California series: RW 21 fret neck $225 Alder Cream Body $225 shipped and PP
  2. Need some Tele PUs and a jack/cup ------ Looken for some low end Tele PUs and a Cup. Got everything else.
  3. All mint from the Squier Classic vibe series. 1st a complete loaded CV wht Tele body Pine. Ash tray Bridge 3 brass saddles and cover, blk PG, alnico 3 PUs all wired and ready. $150 2nd mpl/mpl Tele CV neck. High gloss 21 mj frets (untouched) 9.5 rad. Ping vintage tuners, 50s string tree. $150 3rd RW/mpl Strat CV 60s neck. Same details as the tele neck aside from a butterfly tree. $140 All shipped to CONUS and PP accepted.
  4. here's my ad. Haven't parted it out yet so you can have the whole Strat for $300 shipped to USA only with Fender Gigbag . Paypal is fine http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2346055
  5. Neck comes with tuners plate 4 screws and tree. Body comes with everything. PG PUs Complete trem with an upgraded steel block. Or you can have the whole guitar for $300 shipped with a fender gigbag.
  6. Both from a Classic vibe Squier. 3TB burst Alder, TS PG loaded with alnico 3 PUs (sound nice IMO) trem with an upgraded steel block from GFS. one tiny scrath on bottom side. Otherwise MINT!!! $150 shipped PP CONUS Mpl RW neck with ping vintage tuners plate 4 screws. MINT!!! $150 shipped PPed CONUS
  7. 97 USA FenderCalifornia series Telecaster. Mods are: Barden vintage bridge with brass com saddles, Duncan vintage brdg PU and a Harmonic design nk PU. Fender gigbag $630 shipped and PPed to CONUS only.
  8. 06 maple Strat neck from HWY1 strat. Has 70's head, 2 trees, tuners and "0" fret ware. $220 shipped to US only. jmichielli@hotmail.com
  9. Fender 97 California series Telecaster. $600 shipped These were made for a short time, here's a link: http://www.harmony-central.com/Events/SNAMM97/Fender/California-Series.html Has a few upgrades: Joe Barden vintage bridge with 3 brass compensated saddles Harmonic design nk pickup Seymore Duncan vintage T bridge pickup. Over all good cond (8 out of 10) with a few scuffs and nicks worst by jack (hard to picture). Has 2 different knobs 1 domed 1 flat can't find matching ones. Mild fret ware and not heavy. Comes in Gretch HSC Selling cause I put together my dream Tele. email for pix jmichielli@hotmail.com
  10. Heres the ebay linky: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=250184680067&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=015
  11. any interest in a swap for a US 96 Hamer FM special for the Strat? email me jmichielli@hotmail.com as i dont hang around HC.
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