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  1. I wish I'd read this review before buying the R8.  I would have been better informed.

    So far I am pleased with the ease of use of the R8 as a standalone recorder, but now I have a serious problem and that is:   I cannot access files on the R8 from my Mac!  The Mac seems to provide enough power over the USB bus connection, but the R8 does not appear on my desktop.

    I am running OS 10.7.  I would really appreciate help in getting the Zoom to appear on my Mac so I can copy my mix file over.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by keybdwizrd View Post
    Very true. Add knowledge and skill.

    Back in the 80's, I knew a guy who owned endless stacks of keyboards - his apartment looked like a musical instrument store. He could never get any gigs, or get hooked up with a band, or anything. The problem was, he simply didn't know how to play keyboards very well, if at all. It was as if he thought he needed to buy just ONE MORE synth and then he'd be this great keyboardist that everyone would want to work with.

    When I would tell him to sell all but two of his keyboards, learn those, take a few lessons, and devote the next year to practicing, he'd look at me like I was an idiot.
    Knowledge and skill in working with electronic gear maybe (synth programming, sequencing, sampling, etc.), not so much playing keyboards with classical chops. Skrillex, Tiesto, deadmau5, etc. aren't making their millions as piano/organ virtuosos.

    I have much respect for traditional keyboard skills like yours, but I'm just calling it as I see it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Geoff Grace View Post
    Has anyone here seen the movie yet? I just saw it and thought it was exceptionally well done. I have it on good authority that most of the singing was performed live.
    We were wondering about that after we saw it. Anne Hathaway sang surprisingly well enough that we wondered, too, if a pro vocalist sang her parts for her (a la Milli Vanilli). We didn't have that question about Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman, hehehe...

    I thought it was a fine production too, but I'd never seen the musical live.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MuzikB View Post
    Ok, this has got to be the best video for this product to date.

    Lots of good vids but from product evaluation perspective, I agree nothing beats seeing someone create a sequence from scratch, and also do some noisy improv before and after. A modular is no doubt capable of even more insane noises and generative sequencing possibilities, but it would also take an ungodly number of modules to replicate what the A4 does. But the two of them together would be like peanut buttah and choco...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Suit & Tie Guy View Post
    you people all forget that the MS2000 was originally supposed to have a patch panel, but it was ditched for cost reasons.
    Whaddaya mean "you people"?


    How could I forget what I never knew in the first place, lol! Interesting...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MuzikB View Post

    Less distractions and more time.

    I think most or even everybody here has all the gear they need. Cats in England are making albums with Logic on an iMac. It's just other lifestyle crap that gets in the way.
    Yup. All you need besides the gear is more time (making music instead of starting 50 threads a month here) and some kind of image gimmick like a silly helmet (deadmau5), silly hairdo (Skrillex), etc. if you're not a cute girl.

  7. A new version of the Korg MS-20 would be interesting to me too - I don't care if it won't sound exactly like a vintage MS-20. Some people think it will be a controller for the iMS-20 iPad app, but it does have its own 1/4" audio out. The minikeys wouldn't bother me either as I have enough keyboards with full size keys.


    Quote Originally Posted by PhilGould

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    Problem with sheet music is that sometimes it's just not going to be there. Relying on sheet music to tell you about rests and ornamentation is a massively dangerous thing when it is really needed that you develop your ear to judge for yourself where stuff like this is necessary.


    Be sure to read Poparad's post if you haven't done so.

    As he stated, the ability to read sheet music is essential for a non-classical guitarist if he/she intends to play in a professional theatre setting (musicals, plays) as well as pursue studio work on a pro level. Also needed for jazz if one intends to be a band leader and have non-guitarists in the band (eg. horn players) - much easier to write down their parts in sheet music and hand it to them than play each of their parts on your guitar and expect them to transcribe it themselves.


    Quote Originally Posted by PhilGould

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    So, can anyone think of a decent solution to this problem? My only idea was to teach sheet music reading for the piano accompaniment so that he could then follow it as I do. But this seems like massive overkill and isn't likely to be that helpful outside of these specific songs.


    Yes, that was overkill. In that particular scenario, you might have have prepared your student's sheet music with just HIS part and not include yours. Some students do not respond well to too much data being thrown at them at once.


    Quote Originally Posted by PhilGould

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    I'm beginning to wonder if the problem is me; I've always been in the lucky position of being able to just get on and play alongside other musicians without getting lost, and on the reverse nearly all the new musicians I've dealt with have been able to do this as well. Similarly, I learnt to read sheet music pretty easily, and so think nothing of reading staves.


    No two students learn in exactly the same fashion. You cannot assume any student will have exactly the same learning experience as yours.

    Listen well to the advice of Jon Finn and Jed - these guys have teaching experience. You should also take lessons yourself - because you have asked about things in other posts that are best answered by studying with a teacher. Take lessons not only for yourself, but for the benefit of your students - study how your teacher is teaching you and see what you can apply in turn to your students.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by U&I View Post

    It's still not completed - I'm getting the arrangement to where its needed before a friend lays down some improvised guitar work (jazz infused with classical inflections is what we're aiming for). So I've kept the piece minimal yet detailed.
    Works for me at least wink.gif

    Nice! In a weird way, it reminds me of Maiden Voyage.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Klaus View Post
    That's a good point about the sequencers; thanks. I'm always interested in novel or generative sequencing techniques, and the OP-1's Tombola sequencer really caught my eye. But deliberate limitation does seem to be the OP-1's defining trait...

    How's the Cluster module? Is it just a basic supersaw affair, or can you get some nice warbling drones out of it?

    One of the awkward things about the OP-1 is that, while there are a few good demos of the sequencers available on Vimeo and such, nobody's really put together a good overview of the oscillator modules. And the manual seems to be pretty intentionally obtuse when it comes to describing what they actually do.
    iceritchie from the ohpeewon.com forum has a video overview of the OP-1 synth engines:

    iceritchie also created a website meant to be a one-stop information resource on the OP-1. It includes his own Quick Reference Guide, which fills in some details missing from the official manual, like the parameters for the various synth engines: http://www.go-p1.net/

    I've made some attempts to create a nice ambient drone patch, but haven't succeeded yet because I suck at synth programming. I didn't focus on Cluster in my efforts. Fortunately for those of us who are slower learners, some of the denizens of ohpeewon have volunteered to submit more "exercises" (like the patch programming exercises in the official manual), including a drone patch. There's an excellent ambient track featuring Cluster and the Tombola sequencer on this thread - scroll to mattleaf's Soundcloud track:

    A detailed description of the Cluster engine:

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Klaus View Post
    Please post impressions. I'm rather curious about that little beast.
    I have one. Some people find the synth engines to be limited, but I like the sounds. The Endless sequencer comes with a bunch of "patterns" - each pattern imposes a certain rhythm on the notes that you enter, and these vary from simple to surprisingly complex. The chord memory trick is well explained in the Making Tracks YouTube video, but getting the hang of it has been a challenge for me. The Finger sequencer is fun, but editing is a bit weird because the grid is so small, due the screen real estate taken up by the two nerds (or monkeys if you're in Drum mode).

    It doesn't really work like other sequencing units though, in that once you enter a new sequence in Endless, the old one is gone. The only way to "save" your sequence is to record it to Tape, and then its just the audio that gets recorded. You have up to 6 min. of stereo audio on your Tape. If your composition is longer than that, you'll have to transfer your up-to-6 min. passage of music to computer and start recording all over again with the next passage of your masterpiece. This and other quirks annoy some users.

    Thought about picking up an OP-Lab to interface with other gear, but read that lots of users are getting on fine with an iConnectMIDI.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Gribs View Post
    I do tonal and atonal stuff, but my tonal stuff is definitely not high quality like the Raglani track. Maybe in another ten years I will become good enough at production to actually make some good tracks... or maybe never.

    I bought Tony Scharf's album "Dust" when he released it and have been listening to that. I am not sure what you call it; I like it though.

    I'll check this out!

    I don't see myself spending $40K or more on a modular. Famous last words, I know. Make Noise System 2 would last me a fairly long while in its default configuration. The only module I might add - down the line - would be a Pressure Points, since the "intro to Rene" videos demonstrate the use of Pressure Points in conjunction with Rene. I'm more likely to add an Elektron Analog 4 to that setup, for song-oriented sequencing, and use Rene for improv/generative type sequencing.

    An alternative to System 2 that I'm considering is the Touch System, which is the all-sequencing/touch control package (no oscillators). In that scenario, I keep my Voyager and the Touch System controls it in various ways. In the former scenario, I sell my Voyager and replace it with the System 2.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by ChristianRock View Post
    You can always either add another case, or just get a bigger case and move it in there.

    I kinda like the illusion that the case gives, that I wouldn't spend any more money than what's in it poke.gif
    The Make Noise Rene has been on my radar for a while now, hence my interest in the Make Noise starter systems that include it.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ChristianRock View Post
    That Make Noise stuff might sound good... but it's gotta have the worst, most eye-sore designs I've ever seen on anything recently.

    If I were to try out a starter system to go into the modular world, I'd try the Pittsburg Modular Foundation (Euro format).

    Heard good things about Pitt Modular but most of the Make Noise systems include room for expansion in their cases. The Foundation leaves no room for adding more modules within that case.

    Also, there is no sequencer in the Foundation.

  16. Elektron Analog Four - Set a new price-performance standard for an analog groovebox synth. On top of all the features stuffed into this box, it actually SOUNDS good to a lot of people.

    Make Noise Systems (System 0, System 1, Shared System, etc.) - Just discovered the existence of these Make Noise bundles. I'm tempted to sell my Voyager for a Make Noise System 2.

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