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  1. $200 shipped!!!!!!




    It's old, it's beat up some, still sounds good. Pre SWR Post Acoustic high end bass head from the early 80s... baby brother to the design that became the Thunderfunk bass heads. I'm not gigging and I'm trying to come up with some cash for a tube head.


    thanks for looking :)

  2. Maxon 9 series Compressor and OLC Compressor.

    Looking to gather some cash for tubes...





    CP9 Pro+ - $200


    OLC Sunkist Squeeze - $120


    all prices include domestic shipping... international is fine but buyer pays shipping.

  3. love it!!! I installed a tele pickup in it the other day. I need to order some push/pull pots and some black speed knobs to complete the transformation. It's getting a couple typical Esquire tone mods :)


    I think I'll end up with the Tweaker 40 over the 15... just trying to justify the extra cash.

  4. dang... you should and report back :idea:


    I'm looking for a tube head for my guitars that can also double as a 'bedroom' bass amp... possibly for recording too. My bass cab is a 4 ohm Bag End 2x12" and I plan to pick up a matching 8 ohm 1x12" soon... most the small/cheap heads I've looked into won't do 4 ohms.


    The Tweaker 15 caught my eye, but I do occasionally sit in on regular guitar and I think the extra headroom would suit me. Plus 40 watts would be fine for my bass for acoustic or drummerless jams.


    (My main bass is a 7 string that I play a lot of wannabe guitar type stuff with anyway)

  5. any issues with the Thor?...did you build it?...I have one and really like it but I'm tracing a short (wires suck) and running out of patience

    It's built by Mark at OLC... no issues at all. Works great and I won't be upset if it doesn't sell.

  6. I've got some non-music GAS I need to tend to so I'm looking to sell a couple pedals. I'm not really looking to move any of these but at the same time, they aren't that critical to me either.




    Thanks for looking, paypal preferred. International shipping okay at additional cost. The DOD and CS9 work well but are used and circa mid 80s... all the rest are like new and lived on a mostly at home board that has only been to a few jams... and yes, they all have velcro on them.

  7. Sweet. I don't I have ever seen a Classic 400:thu:





    it's a monster with ~430 watt RMS when I last had it on my tech's bench... it's loaded with an 8x KT88 power section. I don't gig anymore so I'm replacing it with a 59 Tweed Twin clone (~80watts with 4x 5881 power).

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