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    zplane.development Unveils Elastique V2

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    zplane unveils version 2 of the time stretching and pitch shifting engines Elastique Pro and Elastique efficient. Elastique stretching can be found as an integral part of numerous digital audio workstations and DJ applications.

    The new version offers many audio quality enhancements, including better transient preservation, increased bass resolution and improved high tonal frequency processing. Many optimizations and new interface functionality improve the performance, integration and handling of Elastique significantly.

    The Elastique time stretching engines are used in many applications of the music, film, broadcast, and entertainment industry. Transparent audio quality combined with real-time processing capabilities have made Elastique the de facto standard for time scaling in real-time audio applications.

    Typical applications are:

    • master tempo and key lock for DJ applications
    • beat and pitch modification for audio applications
    • slowdown of recordings for practice and transcription
    • time and pitch adjustment for film post-production


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