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    Zoybar's New Innovation Model Estimate To Produce Hundreds of New Music Instruments In The Next Three Years

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    Zoybar is a hardware and web platform for developing mashable music instruments in a co-creation environment. Zoybar provides modular hardware kits that enable musicians to assemble variety of custom electric string instruments from the same basic components. Its revolutionary open design also allows the users to mount numerous sound effects controllers that are made by other manufacturers and end users. (As can be seen in the attached images) The results are interchangeable mashup instruments that enable the musicians to play and manipulate the sound simultaneously and directly from the instrument. Zoybar.net is the social community and R&D lab that supports its global hardware users. Zoybar's R&D lab operates in a decentralized innovation model. Hundreds of new music instruments are being developed side by side simultaneously by a global community of users/developers. They are able to create their fantasy instruments by sharing their resources and knowledge and by working on Zoybar's open hardware and web platforms. Zoybar was design as an open platform that could be upgraded and improved by its users in a decentralized R&D environment. Think of the Zoybar platform as a hardware version that might be similar to the 'Firefox' browser concept or the 'Wikipedia' concept with hardware add-ons and user-made applications. We believe that there will always be more smart people outside any company than within their limited conventional labs. Zoybar's approach considers every user as a potential unique developer creating a "decentralized R&D lab" that grows rapidly in different directions. This open process also lowers the uncertainties of demand and usability of every new feature with real-time feedback. Zoybar's unique relationship with its users provide support and incentives for actual needs rather than dictating unwanted products. Home made mashup instruments have been growing rapidly under the radar for the last couple of years by 'professional amateurs'. Some of these creations can be seen at Zoybar`s video gallery (http://www.zoybar.net/video). Until now duplicating hardware innovation was a fragmented process. You needed to start over every time. The Zoybar platforms supports the growing community of its users. Sharing ideas and creating in a co-creation environment brings a new era in the music instruments evolution. Since Zoybar was officially launched (on February 2009), users have started to upload several modifications and upgrade options. As more developers will join the community more are foreseen. Adding a new feature or swapping components within the Zoybar community creates variety of new low cost options for those who are always looking to enrich their sounds, instruments and performance repertoire. We estimate that in the next three years this innovation model could produce hundreds of new music instruments that would have not been produced under the terms of conventional business models. You are more than welcome to visit the project web site, and we would be happy to elaborate more on any subject that might rise. Fill free to embed any content from the video gallery or any other materials from the web site.

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