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    Sonic Foundry to Distribute Reality

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    Sonic Foundry; Inc. announces its plans to distribute Seer Systems' Reality software synthesizer. Sonic Foundry is the creator of Sound Forge, the top audio software application for the Windows platform. The Reality synthesizer is the first professional synthesizer that runs on a Pentium processor-based PC, and recently received Electronic Musician's highest software rating ever, tying with Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge 4.0.

    Reality software promises to be a valuable addition to Sonic Foundry's award-winning line of audio software programs. Says Roy Elkins, Sonic Foundry's vice president of sales and marketing, "Both Sonic Foundry and Seer Systems recognize the exciting and affordable audio possibilities available with a standard PC The two companies have a long commitment to professional audio, and are at the forefront of the shift from hardware to software audio solutions.

    "The combination of Reality and Sound Forge allows an audio developer to create a totally new sound, to manipulate it as desired, and then to make it useable in a variety of formats, whether it's on a CD, in a film or over the Web. We're excited by the possibilities this venture opens up."

    "It's obvious that Sonic Foundry and Seer Systems share an emphasis on quality, and a host-based music software vision," says Seers Systems' chairman and CEO Stanley Jungleib. "It is extremely exciting to be able to offer the best synthesizer and the best audio software in the same sales channel.

    "Sound Forge's popularity will introduce Reality's synthesis power to those who may have been turned off to synthesis because of the complexity of traditional cable-based MIDI. When musicians realize that they can move back and forth between Reality and Sound Forge easily and entirely in the digital domain-Look out!"

    Sonic Foundry was founded in 1991, and has enjoyed rapid growth since that time. The company grew over 200 percent in 1996, and anticipates exceeding this level in 1997 as the market for audio capabilities among Windows users expands. The company's awardwinning audio editing application, Sound Forge, contains the most extensive list of audio processing tools available on the PC, and is extendible with a full line of proprietary and DirectX Audio plug-ins.

    With an installed customer base exceeding one million units, Seer Systems, Inc. is the world's largest developer of high-end, multipurpose computer synthesizers. The company's managers have been shaping the synthesizer and MIDI industries since the 1970's and have consulted internationally for a wide variety of music and computer companies including Intel and Creative Labs. The company's current focus is on creating high-fidelity music and sound systems for interactive applications.

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