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    Q-Metric PlugIn Now Shipping

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    Q-Metric is the first multiband digital equalizer which characteristics emulate those of the best sounding analogue equalizers currently available. A new approach in software engineering enables the highest level of sound shaping by doubling the internal sampling rate.

    The special filter design prevents distortion which can occur in transferring curves at higher frequencies, something more often associated with conventional digital filter designs. This results in a superb 'warm' sounding filter which behaves in exactly the same way as its analog counterparts, while remaining entirely in the digital domain. Q-Metric offers a total of 7 bands comprising 3 full parametric midbands with adjustable Q-factor, variable High-/Low Shelving with switchable slope and flexible High-/Low Pass filters. The different bands can be activated separately, and the real resulting frequency response displayed for a convenient overview whilst fine-tuning the filter shape.

    High internal resolution and the ability to work in 24 bits due to the sophisticated filter structure (Minimal Digital Noise Structure - MDNS) makes Q-Metric totally suitable for both mastering and editing of sensitive audio material at the highest level. Q-Metric offers for the first time a complete graphic representation of the intire transter function. This gives the user a very detailed overview over his actions, especially when working with very complex filter settings.

    Q-Metric is distributed worldwide by Steinberg and available from June, 98 for USD 499.

    System Requirements:

    • Min. Pentium 133 MHz processor
    • Min. 32 MB RAM
    • Windows 95 or NT 4.0
    • WaveLab, Cubase VST or other host software compatible with the DirectX standard from Microsoft
    • PC equipped according to the specifications of the host software


    • Apple Power Macintosh or compatible system
    • Min. 604e/132 MHz processor
    • Min. 24 MB RAM
    • Mac OS 7.5 or higher
    • Cubase VST or other VST compatible host software
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