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    Opus Version 1.2 Released

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    Sincrosoft announces Opus 1.2, a new release of its fully fledged music notation package.

    Opus is a professional music notation program of the new generation, suitable for any type of user - professional composers, arrangers, copyists, and engravers.

    In comparison with Opus 1.0.1, an intermediate bug fix release, Opus 1.2 contains enhancements and additional features that allow better communication with other music software and better font management.



    • Midi File Format Export: Users are allowed to export data to other Midi compatible programs.
    • Better Font Management : Opus now allows to make use of any type of font available on MacOS, including Bitmap, Adobe ATM, TrueType, and Postscript fonts.
    • Enhanced User Interface: Keeping its promise of delivering highly usable software, Sincrosoft made several enhancements to the user interface, based on user feedback and constant usage analysis, including cut and paste functionality and improved lyrics draw and drag features.

    Opus is available both for 68xxx- and PowerPc-based Macintosh and MacOS compatible computers. Taking full advantage of the hardware potential through the use of native code, the PowerPC version delivers optimal performance at an exponential rate if compared to the 68xxx version.

    Opus requires a minimum of 4 MB of RAM, 68030 or a larger processor, and System 7.x.x or a later version. Best results can be achieved with a PowerPc with at least 16 MB of RAM and a color screen.

    Opus is available as shareware:

    You can open, create, edit and save files for free! There is no expiry date for the use of the unregistered version!

    Registering Opus costs only US $299.

    After registration, the shareware reminder, which appears every 6 minutes, will be removed. Also, printouts will not include the registration note and you will be able to print the User Manual. In addition to the free email assistance, registered users will receive free updates by email and are entitled to the next major release free of charge!

    Like other shareware programs, the unregistered version of Opus can be copied and distributed freely, provided that no changes are made to the program and accompaining material and that the software package is distributed in its original form with its own installer.

    Further information can be obtained sending email to info@sincrosoft.com

    Opus 1.2 has been deployed as an update to versions 1.0 and 1.0.1 and can be downloaded from Sincrosoft's official web site at http://www.sincrosoft.com

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