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    Opcode Releases SoftStudio<FONT SIZE=-1><SUP>TM</SUP></FONT> Bundle for Mac

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    Just in time for the holidays Opcode Systems Inc. announces the release of SoftStudio -- three distinct software products offered in one cost-effective package, providing an all-inclusive recording, notating and archiving environment for the composer or home recordist. Centered around Vision 3.5, the industry-standard audio recording and sequencing software, SoftStudio also includes Overture 2.0 (professional music notation and publishing software) and Galaxy Plus Editors (a universal MIDI editor librarian) -- for an approximate street price of $699.

    Available on a single Macintosh-compatible CD-ROM, SoftStudio saves the consumer over $400 from purchasing the products individually. Because integrated solutions are notoriously weaker than stand-alone products, Opcode has chosen to simply offer complete versions of three of their most successful programs in one powerful packaging -- without any sacrifice.

    Since all three programs and their necessary files are combined on a single CD, installation is substantially expedited. Vision, Overture and Galaxy Plus Editors are completely integrated with the Opcode-authored Open Music SystemTM (OMS), allowing for unique user-defined interaction between all three programs. The SoftStudio package may also be used in conjunction with conventional tape machines like the Alesis ADAT or the Tascam DA-88 by adding a synchronization unit such as Opcode's Studio 64XTCTM.

    VISION 3.5

    Vision 3.5 (Deluxe), the backbone of the system, offers audio recording and sequencing software in addition to on-board digital signal processing (DSP) effects such as reverb, EQ and compression. Vision reads and writes all major file types including WAV, au, AIFF, Sound Designer II, and Redbook Audio. More than 16 audio tracks are available to those people using faster Power Macs without any additional hardware requirements. The deluxe version of Vision offers $600 worth of additional software to SoftStudio owners including Adobe premier-style plug-ins from Arboretum and Waves (EZVerb, TrueVerb, 4 band paragraphic EQ, compression & expansion, noise gate, low pass EQ, and echo with delay time and feedback). Also included are 75 MIDI grooves and 50 audio loops from Proto, and 8 files of live recorded drummers from Beatboy. Vision provides an integrated Quicktime movie window for powerful multimedia producing, and the software can read and write the Quicktime format. Thanks to Opcode's proprietary SmartSyncTM technology, MIDI and audio track synchronization is tighter than that of any other program.

    OVERTURE 2.0

    Overture 2.0 offers professional notation and publishing software for composing and documenting music. Version 2.0 is the industry's most recently written notation program featuring the highest compatibility and fastest processing of any program available. An extremely intuitive user interface makes writing and notating music easy for any level composer -- so in essence, what you see on the screen is what you hear during playback.

    Overture allows up to 32,768 measures per score to be notated and provides complete MIDI playback of all dynamics, repeats and endings. Any section of the score may be captured directly into a PICT or EPS file for use in presentations or publishing, and Overture's advanced Drum Mapping feature automatically notates drum parts -- hassle free! In addition, powerful sequencing capabilities and a remote Vision transport control make Overture an obvious accouterment to the SoftStudio Bundle.


    Rounding out the SoftStudio Bundle is the brand new version 2.5 of Galaxy Plus Editors, a universal librarian software package for organizing, storing, retrieving and editing sounds and set-ups for synthesizers and other MIDI devices. Compatible with the most popular synthesizers from Roland, Alesis, Yamaha, Korg, Kurzweil and many others, Galaxy Plus provides a graphic representation of synthesizer parameters directly on-screen, allowing composers and programmers to work in a completely integrated, universal environment. The latest version of Galaxy Plus features a menu item that launches your web browser and takes you directly to Opcode's site, where you can download the newest librarians and editors. The software also provides remote control functions of Vision's transport, permitting instantaneous recording and playback without ever leaving the Galaxy edit window.

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