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    WaveWarp is a high-tech object-oriented audio effects processing software for Windows. With a few mouse-clicks, you can build effects of arbitrary complexity by connecting together basic components selected from an extensive library. You can create your own standard effects such as delays, reverbs, flangers, chorus, phasers, filters, equalizers, noise cancellers, vocoders, expanders, limiters, spectral transformers, modulators, etc, plus an unlimited range of customized algorithms. If the filters included don't suit your needs, you can import general IIR and FIR filter coefficients from ASCII files designed with other software programs such as MATLAB. WaveWarp allows you to assemble arbitrarily complex networks of effects, including series, parallel, feedforward, and feedback connections. All effects run in real-time on a Pentium class PC with any Windows-compatible soundcard (Windows 95, 98, or NT required). WaveWarp has mono, stereo, and multi-channel capability, multirate functionality, waveform plotters and spectrum analyzers. Though WaveWarp is designed as a standalone tool for manipulating WAV files (i.e. it does not require any other software), it can be used hand-in-hand with your existing audio software simply by sharing WAV files.

    The Windows NT beta demo version of the program was demonstrated at NAMM '99 and is now available free of charge from the Sounds Logical website at www.soundslogical.com.

    The commercial release of the software will coincide with the Frankfurt MusikMesse in early March 1999. Thereafter, the Windows NT/95/98 products will be available for on-line purchasing and download via the Sounds Logical website. Full-featured demo versions (without save functionality) will be available for free from the website as well.

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