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    New Site for Music Fans to Launch in April

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    Mischief New Media Inc., a rising online music entertainment company, announced today plans to unveil the most comprehensive music web site available named MusicStation, the global music information network. The launch is set for April 1998.

    Mischief New Media currently operates two of the most popular music-oriented web sites: MusicNewswire (a music news hub) and RockOnTV (the most complete music television guide available). Both sites will fold into MusicStation as part of the official launch.

    "MusicStation was built by people who love music for people who love music. Fans will not be dissapointed," said Jason Hirschhorn, president, Mischief New Media Inc. "We're taking the momentum of RockOnTV and MusicNewswire to the next level."

    MusicStation has already formed cross-promotional and advertising partnerships with a variety of major sites and consumer brands, which will be announced at the time of the launch.

    MusicStation, which has been in development for a year, will consist of seven significant parts, as follows:

    "Artist Archive" - a complete database of recorded music featuring discography information, album art, notes and credits, streaming audio and selected reviews.

    "The Bandwidth" - a database dedicated solely to related internet resources for more than 5,000 artists sorted by name and genre.

    "Fans Forums" - the most user-friendly and flexible message board system ever developed for an entertainment site, featuring more than 5,000 different artist and genre related forums.

    "The Collector" - the most sophisticated music collector database ever built, allowing users to post music collectibles to buy or sell online.

    "The Newswire" - already a fan and industry staple, The MusicNewswire (which currently resides at www.musicnewswire.com), will merge seamlessly into MusicStation, offering music enthusiasts a fast, free news compilation service that is updated every 20 minutes.

    "RockOnTV" - another fan and industry favorite, found currently at RockOnTV.com, offering the most detailed lineup of musical shows and guests on television. The relaunch of RockOnTV will include a search engine that allows users to find listings by artist, genre, label, network, show and time.

    "The Eventwire" - built using the same backend as RockOnTV, featuring the most detailed listing of music events online, including Webcasts, listening parties, album releases, chats and contests.


    "We've worked for more than a year to ensure that dedicated music fans have a substantial resource that values information more than high bandwidth graphics," added Mischief New Media's Hirschhorn.

    "There are too many sites operating under the arrogant assumption that the average user has the time and bandwidth to download mazes of multi-framed pages and large graphics to get the information that they want. These sites are waiting for the convergence of the web and television, which is further away than they want to believe," continued Hirschhorn. "Music Station concentrates on servicing the needs of music fans in the current online environment, with the ability to adapt to emerging technology and trends."


    "The industry greatly admires MusicNewswire and RockOnTV. I have no doubt that MusicStation will gain the same quick acceptance as a major music resource," said Todd Steinman, Director of Online and New Media at Warner Bros. Records. "Music Station's accessibility to information and simple, yet appealing design, will have music fans flocking to this comprehensive new site."

    "MusicStation is NOT a site built by a corporate committee with no clear vision. Instead, it1s a music fan's paradise," said Marc Schiller, president of Electric Artists.

    "We look forward to utilizing the site to promote our artists." said Dave Neupert, Director of New Media/Special Markets for Maverick Records.


    "We fully understand that this sector of the web is saturated. Our approach, however, to aggregating music-oriented content will quickly establish us as the gold standard among online music fans. From there we will entertain the option of producing our own content for web-based programming." said Hirschhorn. "We don't consider other online musical ventures competition at this time since our sole purpose is to promote their content to our users. We want all online music fans to know that they can always look to MusicStation for the latest happenings in the digital music world."

    Based in New York City, Mischief New Media Inc. is one of the first online entertainment design firms to successfully move into content sites. The company currently runs a network of sites that includes MusicNewswire (musicnewswire.com) - the ultimate resource for music news on the web, RockOnTV (rockontv.com) - the ultimate resource for music on television, and Showbizwire (showbizwire.com) - the ultimate resource for entertainment news.

    In addition, Mischief New Media has created web sites for top entertainment companies, as well as some of the world's most popular artists, including Madonna, Paula Cole, Son.

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