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  • New Roland USB Interface Goes Cross Platform

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    Edirol Corporation North America began shipping the Roland S-MPU64, the first USB/MIDI interface compatible with the Macintosh iMac and G3 series computers. In response to thousands of request for music applications from educators, musicians, and hobbyists the S-MPU64 can handle up to 4 MIDI inputs and 4 MIDI outputs so users can connect many music devices through one USB cable to their computer. Existing music application software is instantly compatible for anyone running OS 8.5 on their USB equipped Macintosh.


    "We are very pleased to have this ready now to support the many people who use their computer to compose, arrange and learn about music," says Doug Smith, Vice President of Edirol Corporation. "We must congratulate Apple and Roland on their very fine working relationship to complete the drivers."

    This makes the Roland S-MPU64 now cross platform compatible for both Macintosh & Windows computers. Retail price is set at $250. It is available through Edirol 1-800-380-2580 or www.edirol.com and distributed to dealers in U.S. and Canada by ThinKware.


    • Connects to any personal computer equipped with a USB connector, whether desktop or laptop.
    • "Plug & Play" capability eliminates the need for the annoying PC settings required by personal computer connection (unlike ISA/PCI cards).
    • Power is supplied from a personal computer via the USB connector so no additional power supply is needed.
    • 4 MIDI Ins and 4 MIDI Outs.
    • Individual LED indicator for each MIDI In/Out port
    • The Windows driver (supplied with the S-MPU64) features a Patch Bay function for utilizing S-MPU64 functions to the fullest extent. Using a personal computer equipped with multiple USB connectors allows controlling up to four S-MPU64 units at one time (64 x 4 = 256 tracks)

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