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    New Head and Cabs from Johnson Amplification

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    Following the success of Johnson Amplification's first product-the Millennium JM150 guitar amplifier combo-the company now introduces its Millennium JM250H guitar amplifier head and J412V and J212V extension cabinets.

    JM250H Stereo Two-Fifty Amplifier Head

    The JM250H is the latest addition to Johnson Amplification's growing line of guitar amplifiers. Like the JM150 Combo, the JM250H head utilizes Integrated Amplifier Modeling to emulate the tones of the most popular modern and vintage amplifiers ever produced. Featuring five different possible amp voicings-American Stack, British Stack, American Combo, British Combo and the unique "Johnson", each with its own A/B channel switch-the amplifier can simulate virtually any amplifier on the market at the push of a button, as well as create tones all its own. It is even capable of morphing between its dual-path preamp and effects.

    The JM250H's visceral 250-watt stereo power amplifier section (125W per side) is capable of driving up to four 8-ohm 4xl2" speaker cabinets. Featuring dual inputs for normal and bright, the Johnson head's front end utilizes two 12AX7 tubes to provide the warmth and clarity that only tubes can offer.

    The flexibility of the JM250H's effects section is unparalleled by any other guitar amplifier in history. Proprietary S-DISC II processing "under the hood" allows the JM250H to offer a full menu of state-of-the-art digital effects. Aside from the tube and solid-state distortions, effects include digitally-controlled analog Wah, EQ, Noise Gates, Reverbs, Choruses, Flangers, Intelligent and Smooth Pitch Shifters, Detuners, Smooth Whammy, Phasers, Tremolos, Auto Panners, Rotary Speaker Emulation, analog Delay and more. A physically-modeled spring tank offers many types of Reverbs, including Hall, Plate, Chamber, Cathedral, Arena, Gated and Reverse. Cabinet Emulation on the amp's XLR outputs allows for natural-sounding direct recording,

    The preamp's parameter controls are located on the front panel, giving users instant control over the principal aspects of their sound. A large, custom LCD display and backlit buttons additionally add to the user-friendliness of the system. The preamp also features full MIDI implementation, dynamic modifiers and a chromatic tuner. Using 20-bit, 128x oversampled digital conversion, the amplifier's DSP section offers nothing short of fullbandwidth, studio-quality digital effects with a Signal-to-Noise Ratio greater than 98dB (A-weighted, ref = max signal, 22kHz measurement bandwidth).

    All of the traditional amplifier controls are provided on the Johnson JM250H, including Input Level, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Level, Contour and Master Volume. Rear connections include Mono Effects Send, Mono Effects Return, Speaker Outputs (4), XLR Cabinet Emulation Direct Outputs (2) and MIDI In, Out/Thru. There are also input jacks for Johnson's J-3 multi-function footswitch, optional J-12 dual-expression pedal foot controller and two separate expression pedals for real-time true effects morphing.

    New Enclosures

    Johnson Amplification has also recently engineered several new loudspeaker enclosures for use with either the JM250H or JM150. Designed with the loud guitarist in mind, the Johnson J412V is perfect companion to the JM250H. Featuring four Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeakers in a closed-back cabinet, the J412V is wired for either stereo or mono operation. On the 2x12" side, the J212V is an extension cabinet housing two Celestion Vintage 30s similarly wired for stereo/mono. The rear panel on the J212V cabinet is removable, permitting either open-back or closed-back use, depending on the guitarist's preference. Both the J412V and J212V are manufactured with the finest materials and covered with a virtually indestructible layer of Uni-Vinyl that actually binds the joints creating amazing tonal resonance.

    Suggested U.S. retail pricing on the new Johnson Amplification products is as follows:


    • JM250H amplifier head - $1,399.00
    • J412V enclosure - $899.00
    • J212V enclosure - $529.00
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