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  • New Gear from Paiste

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    Paiste announced several new products: Fast Crash, Flanger Splash, Medium Light Swish models, Medium Swish China, Medium Heavy Traditional Ride, "Spirit of 2002" Snares, Professional Cymbal Bag, and Paul Wertico Video.

    Crash & Splash Cymbals

    In response to requests from drummers, Paiste adds a 15" Fast Crash to its Signature line. The Fast Crash reaches its full and transparent sound character very quickly at all volume levels. It is an extremely fast reacting crash.

    A sound innovation from Paiste, the 12" Flanger Splash features a short, sparkling, splash-like sound which is further enhanced by an exotic, modulating decay. This cymbal is very "loose" and has a dark, airy sound character. It is available in the Percussive Sounds Collection, which features unique bronze idiophones such as Finger & Accent Cymbals, Cup Chimes, Sound Disks, Rotosounds, Trash Sets, and Bell Chimes.

    Traditional Swishes

    Paiste's Traditional collection of cymbals recreates the sound of certain vintage cymbals eagerly sought after by drum collectors. One such vintage instrument is the "Swish", a large Chinese type cymbal that is primarily used for Ride applications, as made famous in the 1960s by drummers such as Mel Lewis.

    The 20" & 22" Medium Light Swish models have a soft attack with a beautiful, dark cushion to ride on. The stick sound is dark and sizzling. Playing the edge of the cymbal for accents produces a warm, delicate breath-like sound.

    The 20" Medium Swish China is a more exotic sounding cymbal, which combines Swish and China characteristics. It is also well suited for light ride playing, but produces more aggressive accents when played on the edge.

    Traditional Rides

    In response to requests from expert drummers, Paiste now expands the range of ride cymbals available in the Traditionals collection.

    The 20" Medium Heavy Ride fills the need for a heavier ride cymbal which still retains the authentic character of the Traditionals. It is well suited for volume situations requiring stronger articulation. Despite its thickness, it is still very controllable and features a light, warm and smoky wash.

    Flat Rides are not strictly vintage cymbals of the mid-century, as they were not invented and patented by Paiste until 1968. Nevertheless, calls for a flat ride model with the Traditional's character prompted Paiste to develop the 18" and 20" Light Flat Ride. The unique flat ride design produces an extremely controlled Ride function with minimum build up without sacrificing projection. The Traditionals character affords them with a sizzling ping over a dark, breath-like wash.

    "Spirit of 2002" Snares

    These new snare drums are an unusual addition to the crowded world of custom snare drums. The casting for the bronze snare shells is made with recycled 2002 cymbals, so that each shell contains the spirit of the many drummers who have played the worn out cymbals, hence the name "Spirit of 2002".

    Commissioned by Paiste, these superb snare drums are hand crafted in loving detail in Jeff Ocheltree's New Millennium custom workshop. Mr. Ocheltree has made a famous name for himself by designing and crafting custom snare drums for noted artists such as Billy Cobham and Carter Beauford. The models offered include a 5"X14", a 6"X14", and a 5"X13". They feature gold plated die-cast hoops, solid brass lugs, and the new Piston Drive Snare Strainer by Nickel Drumworks.

    Professional Cymbal Bag

    The new 22" Professional Cymbal Bag is the culmination of careful research into drummers' storage and transportation needs. It is made of heavy grade black cordura, and features a heavily reinforced bottom. Four interior dividers prevent cymbals from touching each other. A 15" outside pocket can hold hi-hats and other smaller cymbals. A lockable heavy-duty zipper provides security, and a hand strap, should strap and back pack straps allow convenient transportation options.

    Paul Wertico Video

    "Paul Wertico - Sound Work of Drumming" is the title of a new instructional video from Paiste. The tape is produced in Japan. All of the audio is in English and the drums and music are exceptionally well recorded. Paul discusses his thoughts and intentions behind his inspirational ensemble and solo playing. Four songs are performed with a full band of musicians. This tape will retail at $50.00.

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