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  • New Combo from Johnson Amplification

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    NAMM '99 marks the launch of Johnson Amplification's JM120 combo, the second product offering in the company's new Marquis line of tubeintegrated modeling amplifiers for the guitar.

    Following the recent AES introduction of the Marquis JM60--Johnson Amplification's smallest, lightest and most affordable guitar amplifier to date-the new JM120 combines a tube-driven preamp, fully-programmable digital effects processor and two 12-inch, 100-watt speakers in a single compact package. Despite its diminutive size, the JM120 is rated at a hefty 120 watts RMS, making it well equipped for even the biggest gigs.

    The outstanding tonal flexibility that made the original Johnson Millennium JM150 and JM250 so popular can also be found in the JM120. The combo offers no less than 18 of the world's most popular amplifier tones, including Black Twin, Tweed, Rectified, Blues Combo, Boutique, High Gain, Class A Clean, Class A Dirt, High Wattage, Master Volume, Modern Gain, Hot Rod, Clean Tube, Crunch Tube, Saturated Tube, Fuzz, Overdrive and Metal. Traditional amp controls-including Master Volume, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence and Level-are all available on dedicated front-panel knobs for quick and user-friendly adjustment of standard amp functions. Furthermore, EQ points for each amp simulation are set up to accurately match those of their respective models for the most realistic emulation at every setting.

    In addition to the amp modeling, the JM120 is equipped with a studio-quality, true-stereo effects processor (24-bit DSP, 20-bit A/D/A) offering Chorus, Flange, Phaser, Tremo-Pan, Vibro-Pan, Ring Modulator, Pitch, Delay and three Reverbs. Modulation/Pitch parameters are easily alterable on dedicated "Speed", "Depth" and "Level" pots. Delay parameters sport controls for "Delay", "Tap-It" delay time and "Feedback", while Reverb features its own rotary knob. A total of 27 factory presets are provided, as well as 27 locations for the user's custom-defined settings. Effects are all fully programmable, with up to three available at once.

    The intuitive user interface makes the JM120 as easy to use as simply connecting a guitar and playing. With amp models and digital effects clearly labeled on the front panel and parameters quickly adjustable via dedicated knobs, there are no mind-boggling menus and sub-menus that are exhausting to learn and operate.

    The Marquis JM120's preamp uses a high-voltage 12AX7 vacuum tube to deliver the unique warmth and richness necessary to duplicate the tones of the world's most popular amps. To date, Johnson Amplification is the only modeling amplifier manufacturer incorporating tubes in its preamps.

    The rear panel of the JM120 features stereo effects send and return loop jacks. An available headphone output can also double as a speaker-compensated direct out for recording applications, while a speaker on/off switch can disengage the unit's internal speakers for quiet headphone jams.

    For maximum versatility on stage, the JM120 can be used in conjunction with Johnson's optional J3 footswitch or new J8 foot controller.

    Perhaps the JM120's most attractive feature is its price--a manufacturer's suggested U.S. list of only $1,099.00.

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