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    Minnetonka Announces Fast Edit 4.0

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    Minnetonka Audio Software has announced a major upgrade to Fast Edit, an easy to learn and use, yet fast and accurate audio editor.

    The product first shipped in 1990 under the name The EdDitor. Because of its no-nonsense approach to editing, it became a favorite in the radio industry. Thousands of copies are in daily use for commercial production and dialog editing.

    The update to Fast Edit 4.0 brings the program to a full 32-bit Windows application. New features include long filenames, DirectX plug-in support, and support of new sound file formats up to 32-bit and 96 kHz.

    Fast Edit retains all of its predecessors inovations. Metasample files are used for fast soundfile loading and fast screen redraws. Fast Edit can easily be used on soundfiles of one hour or more in length.All edits are fully non destructive. Fast Edit sports unlimited undos and redos, and Fast Edits unique Edit History makes it easy to go back in time and make changes, or to try different edits and audition them to choose the best one.

    Features include linear and logarithmic fades, custom fades, gain change, normalize, shelving EQ, reversal, overlays, and Gearshift. Automatic crossfades are performed at all edit points for professional-quality de-clicking of splice points.

    Price is $199 retail list. Upgrades will cost $99 from any previous version of Fast EdDit, in cluding The EdDitor, The EdDitor Plus, and Fast Eddie. Upgrades will be available directly through Minnetonka.

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