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  • LP Music Introduces Santana Products

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    Tunable Bongos

    LP Music Group is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with the recording artists. Santana to create a new line of percussion products. In the 1960's, leader of the band, Carlos Santana blended Afro-Cuban rhythms and blues with his own fiery rock guitar into a new sound that electrified fans all over the globe. It was "world music" long before the phrase was coined, and it helped bring traditional Latin percussion instruments into the global spotlight. This new line of LPMC/Santana products will include three instruments: the LPMC/Santana Mini Tunable Bongos, the LPMC/Santana Chick-Itas and the LPMC/Santana Egg Shakers.

    The LPMC/ Santana Mini Tunable Bongo -- just 4" tall and 10" wide -- is made from kiln-dried, environmentally friendly Siam oak and is adorned with colorful, original Santana graphics on the outside perimeters of the bongos. They are fitted with chrome-plated hardware and LP's patented Comfort Curve II® Rims, and produce a miniature bongo sound that is high and crisp. Natural rawhide heads include Santana's slogan, "Let the Music Set You FreeTM", imprinted one drum head, while the other head displays the LPMC/Santana logo. The drum's small size and easy tuning (wrench included) make it a perfect gift for musicians and non-musicians alike.

    The LPMC/Santana Chick-Itas are small, hand-held shakers that produce a gentle chick-a chick-a sound of traditional maracas. They are crafted in high quality plastic for a bright, vibrant sound and fitted with comfortable wooden handles. The LPMC/Santana logo is on one shaker while the shaker has Santana's slogan "Let the Music Set You Free" imprinted on it. The shakers, which are sold in pairs, are available in three colors: red, blue and purple, appeal to players of all ages. The egg-shaped heads contain bits of non-toxic steel and conform to ASTM Toy Safety Guideline F963-96A.

    The LPMC/Santana Egg Shakers are small, egg-shaped instruments, which produce with a lively, delicate sound. Players can hold more than one in each hand to increase the volume and tone. The LPMC/Santana logo and Santana's slogan, "Let the Music Set You Free" imprinted on the shakers. Made from durable plastic, they are strongest egg shakers available. These convenient, durable shakers are great party favors. They are sold in bags of 36, and are available in five colors; red, yellow, black, blue and purple. As with the LPMC/Santana Chick-Itas they are filled with bits of non-toxic steel, and conform to ASTM Toy Safety Guideline F963-96A.

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