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  • Lace® Supplies Gibson® with Bill Kelliher,“Golden Axe” Explorer® pickups

    By Jon Chappell |


    June 4, 2013


    For Immediate Release:

    5318eeef1b537.jpg.5999f7dd8fbfd0bcb2620593e5658aa4.jpgBill Kelliher the guitar player for the group Mastodon, has been a Lace endorser for some time. It is fitting that his new Signature Gibson Explorer guitar, the “Golden Axe” uses some of Bill’s favorite pickups to get his tone.


    Finished with Gold plated covers to match the rest of his Gibson guitar, these pickups were specially built for this run of “Golden Axe” guitars.


    Lace® Nitro-Hemi™ pickups were designed for rock and heavy metal players. It is a serious modern humbucker, which can be split for a single coil tones. Bold and aggressive, it will take you from zero to metal in a heartbeat.


    Built with Barium ferrite magnets and using patented Lace® design, this passive high output pickup has the thump of a fat, humbucker with the sparkly bell like top end found in single coil pickups. Sweet harmonic overtones jump off every note for increased sonic depth.


    Nitro Hemi™ pickups are designed for zero noise and exceptional tone in the split coil mode. As one of Bill Kelliher’s requirements for Mastodon and more, these pickups deliver the tone and looks that Bill sought for his newly released Signature guitar from Gibson®.


    As an Lace® pickup endorser,   Bill continues to work closely with Lace® for his next pickup.


    Mastodon fans can expect to see a Kelliher signature pickup from Lace® available later this year for retail sales and more.


    Technical Specs:

    Neck: Resistance 15.8Ω, Peak Frequency 2750 Hz, Inductance 4.6 henries

    Bridge: Resistance 19.0Ω, Peak Frequency 2600 Hz, Inductance 4.6 henries


    For more information please visit us at www.lacemusic.com or see Bill’s new guitar at www.gibson.com (800) 575-LACE, Facebook or Twitter



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