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  • GigaSampler Version 1.5 Released

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    Nemesys Music Technology, Inc. today released a new upgrade of it's Gigasampler® product to enable the industry's first multi channel, hard disk based sampler. This upgrade, version 1.5, has brought numerous industry firsts to the sampling industry by adding 24 bit direct digital output capture, ten channel multi channel support, advanced key based sample mapping control, and new LFO modes into a multi gigabyte professional sampler format. Standing behind it's v1.0 customers, Nemesys has shipped the new v1.5 upgrade free of charge to all registered v1.0 users. Gigasampler is now also shipping in production volumes to all Gigasampler retail outlets from East West, the world wide distributor.

    Having the largest sampling capacity of any commercially available sampler, the Gigasampler now has many sound quality and time saving advantages that add production value and creativity to music and sound effect productions from industry leading composers. "GigaSampler is a REAL innovation compared to everything else out there. I would not have made my latest deadline if it weren't for this tool", said Scott Gilman, L.A. based composer for prime time television series '7 Days' on UPN (Paramount Television). "Now with the multi-outputs and features in the new version (v1.5), GigaSampler is truly unmatched".

    Reviews of the new version are equally impressive. "We could write a six page review of the piano alone, but we only have the space to say that's it's absolutely breathtaking. The note-on response is very tight and there's no noticeable audio delays. Editing facilities far surpass anything we have seen before and includes the ability to cross fade between velocity layers and map controllers to any parameter. This is a monster system that will no doubt find a good home in studios all around the world", said UK reviewer Steve Helstrip for Computer Music Magazine.

    Riding the trend from limited function dedicated hardware to high-end PC software, much like Avid has done in video post production, the Gigasampler software poses utmost reliability in professional audio production facilities. "I've been using it (Gigasampler) for 12 hours a day for about 30 days now, and it has been rock solid. I'm a MAC user, so I dedicate a (Pentium II) PC to GigaSampler. Even with the cost of the computer figured in, GigaSampler is still much more cost effective than high end dedicated samplers", Gilman said.

    Performance barriers have been smashed by incorporating a new super low-latency driver interface that seamlessly integrates the Aardvark Aark 20/20 hardware and the GigaSampler software. Said to be the highest speed multichannel audio interface for computers, the (GS I/F) drivers provide such low latency performance as to facilitate 10 channels of concurrent 20 or 24 bit audio with the required speed for tightly coupled midi keyboard playing, a feat never previously accomplished by any computer based audio or sampling system.

    GigaSampler is the first digital sampler to stream samples real-time directly from the hard disk when played from a keyboard controller or another MIDI device. Huge instruments can be loaded in seconds, rather than minutes. "By leveraging the hard disk to playback instruments, rather than using RAM as in conventional samplers, GigaSampler is capable of delivering digitally perfect replications of world class instruments. Sound developers are now constrained only by their imaginations when designing instruments", points out James Van Buskirk, president of NemeSys Music Technology. Traditional techniques for compressing samples like looping, although supported, are no longer needed.

    The GigaSampler has many other industry firsts. Utilizing the patented EndlessWave technology, under exclusive license from Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, GigaSampler is the first commercial sampler to shatter the multi-gigabyte sampling barrier. This allows the creation of such unprecedented sample libraries as the 1.8 Gigabyte nine foot Bosendorfer 275 piano from East West.

    Founded in 1996, (New Media Systems) NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. is a leading producer of software signal processing technology components to the Audio, Music, and Multimedia Markets. Based in the Silicon Hills of Austin, TX, NemeSys is 100% privately held by employees of the company with no outside investors. The company currently has core expertise in audio signal processing, PC system programming and architecture, user interface design and retail software production.

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