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    Fender Adds DSP Technology to Amps

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    Princeton Chorus DSP

    1999 will prove to be a momentous year for Fender Amplifiers, as it will unveil eight all new amplifiers at this summer's NAMM convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Award winning technology, state-of-the-art electronics, and a whole lot of singular Fender magic will be the culmination of the over five years of research and development that have gone into these amplifiers.

    Fender PrincetonĀ® Chorus DSP

    Great amplifiers not only sound fantastic, they have a responsive feel as well. Touch sensitive dynamics that respond to the inflections in your playing let your identity shine through. This maxim is the essence of Fender's new Princeton Chorus DSP amplifiers.

    Fender's remarkable on-board Digital Signal Processor (DSP) teams up with the award winning Princeton Stereo Chorus amplifier. The pairing of the two has created an incredibly versatile, expressive, and fun guitar amplifier. Blend the Princeton's killer stereo tone with a variety of room, hall and plate reverbs, delays, chorus, flanges and more, and you have a possibility of over 4,000 different effect combinations ... right there on one amplifier!

    Perfect for EFX lovers and home recording enthusiasts, the introduction of the new Princeton Chorus DSP is sure to set the digital revolution on its ear. The DSP has two 10" Fender Special Design speakers with an output of 2 x 25 Watts stereo. Other features on the DSP include: operation - normal and drive; 16 digital reverbs and delays with separate level and bypass, 16 digital modulation EFX with separate level and bypass; and 16 selectable modulation rate options. Standard controls on the DSP include: volume; global EQ = treble; mid; bass; drive select; gain; drive volume; and limiter & presence. Also included is a 3 button footswitch that controls the channel selection, reverb/delay defeat and the modulation defeat. The DSP's dimensions are: 17.5"H x 22.5"W x 10.5" D. Weight 48 lbs. United States MSRP is $699.99.

    Fender Acoustasonic Pro

    Fender rounds out its Acoustasonic family with the introduction of the new Acoustasonic Pro. With the Acoustasonic Junior and the award-winning Acoustasonic SFX, Fender's Acoustasonic Pro will join the family that is unlike any other "acoustic" amplifier line, in that all three are true acoustic amps and not modified PA's.

    The Acoustasonic Amp Series

    The new Acoustasonic Pro offers players the ultimate in acoustic instrument amplification. Guitars, violins, mandolins, and voice are all evenly reproduced with exceptional purity. With its patented "String Dynamics"' control, the Acoustasonic Pro dynamically suppresses the unwanted high frequency distortions commonly found with all piezoelectric pickups.

    The Acoustasonic Pro features two-channel operation, 160 Watts of toneful stereo power, and 99 sophisticated digital multi-effect presets voiced at its in-house digital lab. Its Dual Processing allows for separate effect configurations to be simultaneously played through each channel. Some of the various effects include: stereo chorus, multi-tap delays and reverb; flange; and reverb halls, plates and rooms . . . just to name a few. Four favorite presets can be stored and accessed by the included footswitch.

    The features and specifications for the Acoustasonic Pro are, 160 Watts stereo (80x80); two independent channels; gain, treble, mid, and bass controls; EFX send, EFX return, and master volume; instrument and low-Z inputs; 2 x 8" speakers and piezo driver; dual notch filters; String Dynamics-, Stereo RCA inputs with level control, attack control, tuner out and mute, balanced line out, stereo master EFX loop, mono instrument channel EFX loop, and a four-button footswitch. Dimensions are: 18"H x 24"W x 12"D; Weight 45 lbs. United States MSRP is $1,399.99.

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