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    Emagic to Support VST PlugIns

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    With VST, Steinberg has developed a PlugIn Format which has become an attractive alternative to other existing interface formats because of its real-time capabilities and the variety of available VST-PlugIns. As a result of Emagic's search for a practical standard with which to implement PlugIns within its MacOS products, VST has emerged as the most suitable standard to support. Thanks to Steinberg's cooperation, full VST support will be available to Emagic users with the release of the new Logic Audio Series for the Mac OS.

    "True standards are always welcomed by both developers and end-users", says Sven Kindel, Emagic's President and CEO. "They allow manufacturers to develop more efficiently while simplifying product choices for customers. With this in mind, the VST-format for Mac OS is an ideal choice and we believe that Emagic provides a very good solution to all users by supporting this PlugIn-Interface format. The practical advantages to users should always come first and I am very pleased that Steinberg and Emagic are following this course together.

    Manfred Ruerup, Steinberg's Managing Director says: "Making decisions in which users win is always the right thing to do and I am particularly happy that Emagic and Steinberg have decided to make use of the VST-PlugIn-technology together. This will create an even broader basis for the concept of Native Audio Processing. The cooperation with Emagic and all the PlugIn developers will contribute new ideas and input for the further development of the VST-PlugIn standard. To me, this is another positive aspect of this decision."

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