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    DSP/FX Virtual Pack for SAW Released

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    Power Technology has just released the DSP/FX Virtual Pack for SAW. This set of 8 effects plugs directly into any 32 bit version of SAW (Saw32, SawPlus32). No extra external hardware is needed to run the "software only" DSP/FX Virtual Pack.

    In addition, the DSP/FX Virtual Pack ships with standalone program versions of all the effects which allow users to process any .wav file in realtime. The available plug-ins offer Reverb, Parametric EQ, Delay, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Flange, Tremolo, and Auto-Pan.

    Bob Lentini, President of IQS, said the following, "Got the download last night and played...the stuff sounds great...I can't wait for people to be able to use it...Finally some killer Plug-Ins for SAW."

    Tim Kirk of IBUM Digital said, "I put a Reverb and EQ on the drums and a Pitch Shift & Chorus on the bass. It sounded great. Between Sawplus32 & DSP/FX Virtual we now have multi-fx! Sawplus32 just became a whole new monster!"

    A free fully functional demo version is now available online at our website: http://www.dspfx.com

    DirectX versions of all the Plug-Ins are scheduled for release on December 2nd. Owners of DSP/FX Virtual Pack for SAW will be able to download the DirectX versions for free. The DirectX versions plug directly into any DirectX compatible DAW (Cakewalk, SoundForge, Cubase VST, Wavelab, CoolEdit, EMAGIC, etc).

    Until December 2nd we have a special price on the DSP/FX Virtual Pack of $399.00. To take advantage of this special limited time offer see your dealer or contact Power Technology.

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