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    Cubase VST to Include 24-bit, 96kHz Audio

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    As computers get faster, the music sounds better and better. From the next Version 3.6 the new Cubase VST/24 will replace Cubase Audio XT as the professional Audio Recording, Editing and Processing System with the pro-Quality Cubase MIDI-Sequencing Technology.

    Cubase VST/24 will offer recording, playback and File-Export in 24-Bit while the internal processing even goes up to 32-Bit Floating point accuracy. With the use of a 24-Bit capable I/O-Device Cubase VST/24 fulfils the highest demands for clarity of sound. Using the WaveLab 24-Bit class EQ-1 throughout the program guarantees for best sounding recordings in 24 Bit/96kHz resolution. Cubase VST/24 also offers and increased number of 64 channels of digital audio without any special hardware required.

    Note: In additon to this the Cubase VST/24 package offers support of DSP-based HardDiscRecording devices such as AKAI DR8/16, Digidesign Session8, Yamaha CBX-D5/D3 etc. The number of tracks and audio processing capabilities are limited to the features offered by the used device.

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