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    CreamWare Posts Pulsar 1.2 Update

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    A number of important new features were already made available in the intermediate version 1.12, such as the long-awaited reverb plug-in and the ability to run multiple DSP cards in one system.

    The new version includes many new developments and improvements (see the list below). Along with new devices and presets as well as patches and modules for the Modular synthesizer, the most significant enhancement is the perfect integration with CreamWare's tripleDAT 3.0 HDR system.

    Owners of both systems can now, for the first time, couple the proven, professional tripleDAT hard disk recording system with the wide range of DSP-based functions provided by Pulsar, thereby bringing together all steps in the creation of a professional music production -everything from sound generation through effects processing, recording, editing, arranging and mixdown to generation of a final master CD.

    The update CD-ROM is available free of charge to all Pulsar users via authorized dealers. The update files are also available for free download (approx. 100 MB) from the CreamWare Web site www.creamware.de.

    New in Version 1.2:


    • Perfect integration with the tripleDAT 3.0 hard disk recording system
    • New virtual-analog drum synthesizer with eight instruments
    • New eleven-band vocoder
    • 27 new modules for the Modular synthesizer
    • Three new Modular patches (synths)
    • New presets for all synthesizers (over 250 in all!)
    • MIDI Remote for integration of external effects
    • Dither / Noise Shaper module (24 bits to 4 bits)
    • Key Splitter module
    • Support for multiple DSP boards (Pulsar, Pulsar SRB, SCOPE SRB) in one system (avail. since v1.12)
    • MiniVerb reverb plug-in (avail. since v1.12)
    • Various bug fixes

    In addition to the items listed above, the overall system performance has been improved: the polyphony of every synth has been slightly increased, and the graphical interface is faster.


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