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  • 3D Audio Rendering Software from HMI

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    Human Machine Interfaces, Inc. (HMI) today announced the release of the InMotion 3D Audio Producer. This revolutionary new software application allows musicians, sound designers, audio production studios, and web page designers to create stunning 3D audio presentations for playback over conventional stereo loudspeakers.

    Listeners will experience sound coming from all directions including the front, rear, and extreme left/right. The user simply positions the sound around the listener or draws the path that the sound should follow.

    Angela Rehberger, HMI's VP of Sales/Marketing says, "HMI is very excited to provide the industry with such a powerful product. InMotion is ideal for creating stunning 3D audio presentations for entertainment titles, video sequences, movies, and WEB pages."

    3D Audio and Environmental Modeling

    The InMotion product features 3D audio and environmental modeling technology from Wave Arts, Inc. InMotion provides superior 3D sound positioning, doppler motion effects, air absorption modeling, object occlusion, professional quality reverb and crosstalk cancellation.

    Virtual Surround Mixing and Production

    InMotion allows virtual loudspeakers to be placed anywhere around the listener to provide an immersive and compelling listening experience. The system works in real-time by processing a standard stereo sound stream and synthesizing virtual speakers to enhance the stereo sound field.

    InMotion does not adversely affect the tone or timbre of the audio stream.

    A powerful and easy to use interface provides intuitive editing of multiple sound sources with individual control of all sound parameters. Complex scenes can be previewed in real-time on capable systems.

    InMotion renders audio to a standard stereo .WAV format file for playback on any audio device without the need of any special hardware or software! Both headphone and speaker output formats are supported. InMotion is completely configurable and supports popular audio sample rates including 11025, 22050 and 44100.

    InMotion is available for Windows 95, 98 & NT. A fully functional demo can be downloaded directly from www.humanmachine.com.

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