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    StringDog Introduces Tone Rockets Strings

    By Guest |

    StringDog has introduced Tone Rockets electric guitar stings, the latest addition to their direct-to-customer online catalog.

    These premium grade strings are made in the USA, and feature a nickel plated wrap over a tempered steel core. Designed as an all purpose string, Tone Rockets are suitable for rock, metal, blues, country, surf, reggae, soul, jazz, ska, fusion, grindcore, emo, polka, and even skiffle.

    The strings are designed to produce a balanced tone — chimey highs, clear but not overbearing midrange, and chunky lows. High quality plating is used for long tonal life.

    Tone Rockets are well suited to bending, featuring excellent flexibility, plus precision winding and premium materials that enhance tuning stability and reduce breakage.

    All packs come with an extra high E and B string, no charge.

    $80 List, $39.99 Direct. Sold in ten pack box only.

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