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  • Low Tuned Strings - Less Tension More Suspense

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    Deeper! Low Tuned  Strings is pure acoustic sound design. It reveals a new, unheard  vibrating world of 4-, 5- and 6-stringed instruments that gets deep  under your skin.

    This special  library offers loops and sounds recorded from unusually low tuned  stringed instruments. Sound sources were acoustic and electric guitars,  electric basses as well as a double bass. Grant your production something unique by adding these extraordinarily sounding  loops and single sounds. The instruments‘ strings have been detuned to  up to more than an octave below their common tuning, resulting in  interesting sound structures. These strings rattle and vibrate while the booming double bass licks have moved to the  deepest basement of frequencies.

    Use Low Tuned  Strings to place uncommon emphases in music productions and dubbing. The  capabilities are immense: use the sounds as source material for  installations, experimental music, atonal journeys through sound, suspense-packed effects in film, television and games  production or as atmospheric elements in various music genres. All  samples are available in two versions: dry and processed with versatile  effects. The unaltered samples enable using the uncommon sound sources in new contexts over and over.

    The library is categorized into melodies, licks and phrases, single notes, bowed, slides, breaks and harmonies.

    Low Tuned Strings  convinces by its individual sound aesthetic, produced by loose,  wobbling strings, near the border to tonality and stable tuning. This  library is a real enrichment to musicians, producers and sound designers that enjoy experimenting.

    Ueberschall‘s  Elastik-Player is the perfect matching plug-in for the sounds of Low  Tuned Strings. It offers perfect and lightning fast time-stretching,  allowing the samples to be slowed down extremely to create unheard soundscapes. Functions like resample, formant, reverse  and the multimode filter make further loop manipulation easy and  efficient.

    The player‘s  attribute-based browser makes it possible to locate specific sounds  across all installed Elastik libraries within seconds. Find and load the  matching drum loop, bassline, or instrumental lick for your song in a breath. And at the same time, Elastik-Player will  almost not stress your CPU.

    Attention: The drums in the demo track are not included in the library.

    Musicians - Guitar: Kai Reuter, Uwe Kinast, Bass: Christian Flohr, Sound-Design: Julian Liedtke, Uwe Kinast

    850 MB , 508 Loops
    Genre: Experimental Music, Score- and Sound-FX
    Elastik soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS/stand-alone
    Elastik Player included - no sampler required!

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