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    Bajo Strings For Mexican Indigenous Instruments and Music

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    If it's near the Texas border or down the Baja, it's resonating loudly. There is a growing wave of interest in traditional forms of Mexican music—from Tex-Mex to Conjunto to Musica Mexicana-Tejana. D'Addario has responded with a new line of strings designed with two of the most popular traditional instruments in mind.

    The new line addresses hundreds of requests of musicians and dealers. The Bajo Sexto is suited to the indigenous guitar of the same name, a 12-string instrument, sometimes referred to as a "guitar/bass", used in northern Mexican and across the border. The Bajo Quinto is similarly designed for its namesake, a 10-string configuration of the Bajo Sexto, used in a variety of genres from Tex-Mex to Musica Mexicana-Tejana.

    Bajo Sexto strings are tuned to, from lowest to highest, E, A, D, G, C and F. The strings will deliver the required pulsation in the low-end of a Tejano band, while providing projection of clean chord changes across all registers. Bajo Sexto string sets are available in 12-string sets. Similarly, the new Bajo Quinto 10-string set delivers robust lows and upper range articulation. All strings are Phosphor Bronze round wound for a range of warm/bright acoustic tones, projection, and long life.

    "We're excited to introduce these latest additions to our international string sets," comments Brian Vance, Senior Brand Manager, D'Addario Strings. "We're currently looking to string other indigenous instruments in the near future. The music, the market and our customers are demanding suitable strings that deliver the tonality and quality performance of these instruments."

    The J85 Bajo Quinto set will retail for $29.99. The J86 Bajo Sexto will retail for $39.99. Both sets will be available as of February 2007.

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