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  • Steinberg Announces Midex 3 MIDI Interface with LTB

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    Steinberg has announced the new Midex 3 USB MIDI interface for both Mac and PC. The new unit is the smaller sibling of the Midex 8, and replaces the Steinberg USB-2-MIDI unit. The Midex 3 is a newly-developed solution which combines superb timing, extraordinary design and portability. With its one MIDI in and three MIDI outs, the Midex 3 is the ideal solution for mobile notebook studios and or any computer user.

    The Steinberg Midex interfaces with Linear Time Base technology have long been the first choice among those looking for absolutely precise timing for their Steinberg VST-based studios. When used with Cubase VST 5.0 or Nuendo, LTB guarantees sub-millisecond time stamped MIDI data.

    The Midex 3 comes with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP multi-client driver. The multi-client driver allows several programs in parallel operation to access the respective MIDI ports. The Midex 3 also ships with an OMS driver for Mac OS. Multiple Midex 3s can be used simultaneously.

    The Midex 3 can also be run in standard mode with other MIDI programs.

    The Midex 3 features include a relay-controlled Thru function, cable test function and numbered lights displaying MIDI port activity.

    Steinberg's Midex 3 for Mac and PC is available at $149.99 MSRP.

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