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  • Opcode Ships MIDIport 96 USB Interface

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    Opcode Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gibson, today announced a brand-new MIDIport 96 USB rackmount MIDI interface for both Macintosh and Windows 98. Professional musicians and home studio owners have been waiting patiently for a rackmount MIDI interface with several ins and outs so they can convert from older Macintoshes to the new Blue G3 with USB. Using a standard USB Hub, many MIDIport 96 units can be used simultaneously offering a powerful, flexible system.

    Multiple MIDIport 96s can be used together because Opcodes USB MIDI interfaces correctly handle the "random reboot" problem that can occur when multiple USB MIDI devices are used concurrently. Without this Opcode-designed feature, USB devices may unpredictably reconfigure after the computer restarts, causing attached MIDI peripherals to move or disappear. Opcodes unique solution consistently tracks each USB MIDI interface and all related MIDI connections boot after boot, Mac or Windows. The MIDIport 96 is a rock-solid MIDI interface for iMacs, blue G3 Macintoshes and USB-equipped Windows 98 PCs.

    "As a pioneering manufacturer of professional MIDI interfaces, sync devices and audio peripherals, we are very pleased to introduce the second addition to our new line of USB MIDI hardware," said Randy Wilson, Opcodes Hardware Product Manager. "MIDIport 96's USB connection offers plug-and-play installation convenience for Windows 98 users. For new G3 and iMac owners, MIDIport 96 offers an immediate solution which does not require special adapters or PCI cards. Many studios and touring musicians have requested a larger USB MIDI interface, in a sturdy rack mount case."

    MIDIport 96 connects any MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) device, such as a synthesizer or drum machine, to a computer, allowing recording and playback with music software. Multiple MIDIport interfaces can be used on a single computer. MIDIport 96 has 6 MIDI ins and outs, placed conveniently on the back of the unit, for a 96-channel MIDI capacity. It has status LEDs for MIDI activity and includes an external power supply, a six-foot USB cable and a CDROM with Mac and PC software drivers. MIDIport 96 also allows MIDI play-thru while the computer is turned off. The MIDIport 96 works with any OMS compatible Macintosh application such as Opcodes Studio Vision Pro, Vision DSP and MAX or Digidesigns Pro Tools software, and any Windows 98 compatible music software such as Opcodes Musicshop and other sequencers.

    The US Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of the MIDIport 96 is $349.95. (International press: please contact the Opcode distributor in your country for local pricing). Opcode recently released the MIDIport 32 and three USB audio interfaces: DATport, SONICport and SONICport Optical. Estimated ship date of MIDIport 96 is Q3 1999.

    MIDIport 96, MIDIport 32, Studio Vision Pro, Vision DSP, OMS and MAX are trademarks of Opcode Systems. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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