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  • New MIDI Switching System from T-Rex

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    Now available from T-Rex Engineering is a MIDI-controlled audio switching system consisting of a rack-mount switching unit and a general purpose MIDI foot controller.

    The Mac1 is a fully programmable 19-inch rack mount unit that provides you with total control over effects pedals, MIDI or non-MIDI processors, amp/channel switching and much more.

    The Mac1 offers 8 serial loops (6 mono/2 stereo), A/B channel switching and a feature not commonly offered on switching systems: VCA (master output volume) which can be controlled via an expression pedal. The audio path contains only passive circuitry.

    The Mac1 accepts program changes from most MIDI foot controllers and sets the loops, line mixers and control switches to any pre-programmed configuration.

    The Big Foot MIDI Controller is a rugged and simple to use MIDI board. Although it is compatible with any MIDI device that recognizes controller commands and patch changes, it was designed to interface (via a standard midi cable) with the Mac1. It allows 10 presets in each of its 12 banks, and 6 programmable CTL switches. An additional feature is the CHANGE mode, which allows direct access to each individual loop of the Mac1 for real time on/off switching of effects pedals.

    For more information: www.europeanmusical.com

    List Prices:

    • Mac1: $1210
    • BigFoot $850

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