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  • IK Multimedia Presents StealthBoard™ USB/MIDI Pedal Board

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    IK Multimedia introduces StealthBoard, the first USB-MIDI floor controller for guitar and bass players that gives you full control over your entire rig. You may now control your software and/or hardware-based tone and effects units, plus channel switching, all from just one unit on the floor. If you use amp modeling and effects software or hardware live, this is the controller for you. StealthBoard features a USB MIDI port for direct connection to your computer, as well as MIDI in/out connections for any other MIDI controllable gear, including amplifiers. It is the perfect control partner for your rack or floor audio interface, giving you more control over more parameters than any other controller on the market in an intuitive, natural way. Control AmpliTube or any "Powered by AmpliTube" software with no additional setup – simply plug your computer into the USB port of the StealthBoard and immediately access thousands of "Powered by AmpliTube" presets and parameters. Fully control any MIDI-based hardware or software Amp Modeler – you will be able to fully control anything that responds to MIDI messages via USB and finally unleash their software or hardware rig power. Full control of your MIDI-enabled amps and effects processors – with just one unit. The StealthBoard operates also as a standalone MIDI controller for all your existing MIDI gear. Amp Channel Switching gives you control of your existing amp and effects with just one unit and expands your live sonic palette. StealthBoard also works with any audio interface and is the perfect companion to IK's StealthPedal™ wah-style audio interface. StealthBoard features

    • USB/MIDI floor controller
    • 10 assignable switches + 1 built-in expression pedal
    • 4 optional external controllers (pedals/switches)
    • Large 4-Digit display
    • MIDI IN / OUT
    • Dual channel switching outputs
    • Controls any AmpliTube product without additional setup
    • Can be used with any MIDI controllable software
    • Controls any MIDI controllable hardware FX processor or MIDI device
    • Includes AmpliTube 3 Custom Shop™ edition
    • 3-way power supply (DC, USB, Battery)
    • Rugged design
    • Program/backup via computer
    StealthBoard will be available in early second quarter of 2010, and will have an MSRP price of $399.99/€299.99 (excluding taxes).

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