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  • Gospel EZkeys MIDI

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    A lot of modern music stems from gospel. It's a melting pot of root  music. It has the melancholy of the blues, the heartache of soul, the  subtlety of jazz and the uplifting joy of the boogie - all encapsulated  in the power of praise. That's why a gospel foundation combined with the creative and inspiring tools in EZkeys is a great  combination. Mix, match and create - make heartfelt ballads, uptempo  boogie, subtle jazz or classic RnB. This pack is literally a scorching  hot kettle of inspiration, oozing with ideas for your future hits!


    • An extensive collection of chord progressions and playing styles for gospel inspired music

    • Organized in song structures

    • Covering straight or swing in 4/4 and 6/8

    • Played by professional session/church pianist


    After completed installation, the Gospel EZkeys MIDI will be accessible  directly from the EZkeys interface and allow for the same smart  transpose and drag and drop functionality as the stock EZkeys MIDI.



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