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  • Emagic Ships EMI 6|2 m Audio/MIDI Interface

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    The EMI 6|2 m USB audio and MIDI interface was created with mobile recording with a laptop computer in mind, but is certainly feature-rich enough for use in other applications.

    Lightweight and approximately the size of a video cassette, the EMI 6|2 m can be used without power adaptor, with current supplied directly via the USB port. It provides six analog recording and two analog playback channels and two cinch sockets, which can be used as either S/PDIF in and outputs, or as MIDI in and outputs. In addition to acting as both audio and MIDI interface, the EMI 6|2 m offers an integrated USB Hub: two additional USB ports are provided for the connection of further USB hardware devices.

    The EMI 6|2 m is available for both Mac and Windows.

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