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  • Digidesign's MIDI I/O Interface Shipping

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    MIDI I/O
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    Digidesign's MIDI I/O is now shipping their new multi-port MIDI peripheral. MIDI I/O includes ten MIDI inputs and outputs for a total of 160 channels and features a programmable hardware thru mode, allowing users to simultaneously patch any input to any combination of outputs without the need to access the computer. MIDI I/O connects to the computer via a convenient, self-powered USB connection, and includes support for the upcoming Digidesign Time-Stamping feature for superb timing accuracy and precision-- alleviating the inherent timing and jitter issues associated with recording and playing back MIDI information using a computer.

    Though MIDI I/O is shipping specifically for Macintosh-based Pro Tools systems, this interface is an option to consider for any OMS-compatible sequencing application. MIDI I/O has been designed and thoroughly tested by Digidesign and provides a completely robust and powerful MIDI solution for all Pro Tools systems. Up to four MIDI I/O peripherals can be connected to a Pro Tools system simultaneously for a total of 40 I/O ports, providing access to a total of 640 MIDI channels.

    MIDI I/O connects to the computer using the USB port, providing an accurate and stable means of capturing compositions. This interface also draws 100% of its power from the USB port, eliminating the need for yet another power cable. MIDI I/O comes in a rugged metal chassis featuring full depth -- making it simple to plug and unplug cables when the unit is rack mounted.

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