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  • Backline Engineering Announces that its RiffBox Looping App Can Now be Controlled using the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer

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    BackLine Engineering LLC, www.backline-eng.com today announced that it’s popular RiffBox looping app can now be controlled using the MIDI Mobilizer. MIDI Mobilizer is a hardware accessory from Line 6 that provides a MIDI interface to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With this new version of RiffBox, users can control any loop recording or playback parameter using the MIDI output from an effects pedal or MIDI controller. For example, this allows loop recording, loop playback and layer recording to be controlled with a MIDI foot pedal. RiffBox can also output MIDI percussion notes timed to the recorded loop.


    RiffBox is an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad based on patented RiffBoxTM looping technology. With RiffBox you can easily create audio tracks that automatically play back over and over again (also known as audio looping). Become a one-man band, capture a musical idea or practice your beatboxing skills. By detecting repeated notes or rhythm patterns that you play or sing, RiffBox uses patented technology to automatically recognize and create perfectly timed loops. Change the loop length by timing them to notes or chords that you play. An unlimited number of layers can be added to create complex musical passages. Store your music in a loop library and e-mail loops as WAV files, or download basic rhythm loops from the web. RiffBox offers many exciting looping features listed below.


    There are multiple ways you can create a basic loop:

    • Based on the number of notes or chords played
    • Starting after you play the same note for a second time
    • Recognizing rhythm patterns you are playing to determine the loop playback
    • Recognizing note sequences you are playing to determine the loop playback
    • Press a button (or MIDI footswitch) and manual mode starts looping on the very next note
    • Restrict the frequency range of notes or rhythms that are recognized
    • Automatically create click-tracks as the basis for your loops
    • Download basic rhythm loops such as drum patterns from the web


    (Loop length is only restricted by the available memory in your device)


    Once you’ve created your loop:

    • Record and mix 4 additional audio layers at a time
    • Use the mixdown function to add an unlimited number of audio layers
    • Change the loop length timed to the audio ‘events’ that are part of the loop
    • Output MIDI percussion notes timed to events in the loop (46 percussion types supported)


    And then you can share your genius!

    • Save your work in a loop library
    • E-mail the base loop or all loop layers as WAV files


    Use the built-in microphone, the headset microphone or special instrument cables that are available from several manufacturers. You can check out more information at www.backline-eng.com. RiffBox version 1.2 is available now at the Apple App Store for $4.99.



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