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  • Vater Introduces Chop Builder Practice Pads

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    Vater's five models of Chop Builder Pads are designed to offer practicing surfaces that are suitable for any drummer's personal needs. All single sided pads feature a non skid rubber base and a 8mm screw for mounting the pad on a cymbal stand.

    List Pricing/Info:

    6" Soft (VCB6S) $22.95

    6" Hard (VCB6H) $22.95

    12" Single Sided Soft (VCB12S) $39.95

    12" Double Sided: 1 Side Soft, 1 Side Hard (VCBD) $49.95

    12" Single Sided Split: ¿ Soft, ¿ Hard (VCBS2) $59.95

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