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  • Disc Makers and Mix Magazine Team Up To Present New Seminar For Indie Artists and Studios

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    Disc Makers, the nation's leading independent media manufacturer, is teaming up with Mix Magazine to present a new seminar on audio mastering entitled: "Sounding Your Best: Mastering Tips and Techniques from the Pros."

    The free seminars, targeted towards indie musicians and studio professionals seeking help in creating a great master, will take place in April in seven Disc Makers locations - New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Berkeley (CA), Seattle and the company headquarters in Pennsauken, NJ/Philadelphia area. The seminar in Puerto Rico will be held on May 2, 2007.

    The seminars will begin at 6:30pm local time. Space is limited and early signup is encouraged. To register for a seminar, or to get seminar location addresses, visit www.discmakers.com/engseminar or call 1-866-534-3610.

    Disc Makers and Mix Magazine developed this instructional seminar to give musicians an 'insider's view' on mastering. Each seminar will be presented by one of Disc Makers' SoundLab™ mastering engineers, who will be sharing dozens of tips and useful ideas. Participants will have a chance to meet and greet the SoundLab professionals, and participate in a post-seminar Q&A session.

    "Sometimes mastering is viewed as a 'cure-all' to an improperly mixed or engineered album," said Paul Elliot, Disc Makers' Chief Mastering Engineer. "This seminar is a great chance for both the indie musician, and professional recording engineer, to learn what we need from them to produce a phenomenal final product."

    The local seminar dates and locations are as follows:

    April 11th - New York City and Berkeley (CA)

    April 12th - Pennsauken, NJ/(Philadephia area) and Los Angeles

    April 18th - Seattle and Atlanta

    April 19th - Chicago

    May 2nd - Puerto Rico

    The Disc Makers/Mix Magazine mastering seminar series will explore such topics as:

    What is mastering? Evolution and history.

    What makes a perfect master?

    Five simple things you can do during recording and mixing to make sure your project sounds great (and is ready for mastering!)

    Why should I have my project mastered? What are the benefits of mastering?

    Does it really make a difference?

    What is the latest in gear and technology for mastering? What to know before you buy.

    What's the most important production tool in a studio?

    How can I get everything louder? How important is volume?

    What about mastering the project myself? What do I need?

    Is there a "cure-all" for my mixes?

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